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    Canada has become the fifth-largest international aid contributor to countries devastated by the Asian tsunami, boosting its aid package to $425 million

    JAKARTA, Indonesia - Indonesia's Health Ministry raised the country's death toll from the Dec. 26 tsunami to 166,320 on Wednesday, pushing the total number of people killed in the disaster above 225,000.

    January 19, 2005 3:12 AM WIT Jakarta, Indonesia CURRENT CONDITIONS 75°F (24°C) Thunder/Rain Rel. Humidity: 88% Wind: WNW at 1 mph (2 km/h) Sunrise: 5:51 AM Sunset: 6:16 PM Barometric Pressure: 29.86"Hg (F)

    there are no laws about poor bashing yet, are there. . .

    200,000 Canadians -- men, women and children -- are homeless. These are not welfare bums. You have to have some form of shelter over your head to receive welfare.

    Canada's largest city saw its cold weather alert extended until noon Wednesday as nature hit it with a blast of arctic air.

    Such alerts -- issued whenever the actual temperature falls below -15 degrees Celsius – allow more shelter spaces to be opened for homeless people who live on the streets of Toronto.

    The temperature dropped to -23 at one point Tuesday, with the wind making it feel like -35.

    The east coast of Labrador is under a blizzard warning today.

    The Lower Mainland of B.C. is feeling the effects of ongoing torrential downpours.

    What I want to know is why Canada can claim she can not look after her own family yet has 435 million to give to another country?

    the Canadian government closed down mental institutions and litterly threw the mentally challenged out onto the streets to fend for themselves.

    the mentally challenged can not fend for themselves

    lack of proper food, medicine, shelter, sanitation, and fear all contribute to mental illness

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    <FONT face="Courier New"> From the hard copy of the Toronto Star,
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    <FONT face="Courier New"><STRONG> From the hard copy of the Toronto Star,

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