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Discussion in 'Find-A-Ride' started by talleywacker, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. talleywacker

    talleywacker Member

    whats up. i am a clean, employed, music loving freek who is sick of kansas city MO. i was wondering if anyone on here is from missouri and interested in getting away for about 9 months to follow Panic and attend all the other fests down the line. i hope to finish my trip by sept-oct 05' hopefully near a ski resort to work at and reside at for the winter. i have a 4 door auto and i am going to have a nice chunk of change for the fiasco. ride along for grass or cash. hopefully for the entire trip.
    I just cant find anyone within 200 miles of me that is crazy like me and my plans are still up in the air but if i have to go alone then so be it.

    fun times, good tunes, and green things!!!! how much cooler can it get? oh well. hit up my e-mail if at all interested. i am anxious to hear from some cool freeks.
  2. talleywacker

    talleywacker Member

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