The Brightest Star

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    You are the air that breathes life into me
    And the gentle wind that sets me on the right path
    You are the warming sun in daytime
    And the guiding star at night
    You are the earth I tread upon
    You keep my feet on solid ground
    Your love is the water I drown in
    Your soul is the life-blood I drink
    Your heart is the fire inside me
    Rekindling the flame of the past
    Your mind is the endless seeker
    We seek to get closer and learn we are near
    Your eyes watch over all in the universe
    To see that I come to no harm
    Your ears hear the voice of my love for you
    That constantly whispers your praise
    Your kiss is the key to the future
    Your words are the spell of prosperity
    Your arms are a welcoming shelter
    But, from them, there is no return
    Your heart is the unyielding force
    Empowered in union with mine
    Your body is the bed of passion
    Causing desire of eternal sleep
    Now, more than ever, is your time to shine
    A star in the night, burning brighter each year
    You are one and you are all
    You are everything I could ever dream of
    But, what amazes me most
    Is our existence, our reality

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