The Bierstick

Discussion in 'Potent Potables' started by March of the Meanies, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. To anyone who enjoys an occasional (or frequent) beer bong while partying may I introduce to you, the Bier Stick.


    The Bier Stick is a giant syringe in which you pour beer (up to 2 beers) into and then inject the beer into your face, usually up against a wall while pushing.

    A friend and I bought one for $20.00, took it home, filled her up and didn't put it down until we were piss hammered. And it'll do it. It's far easier than a beer bong in that you can control the speed in which the beer enters your mouth. With a beer bong the weight of the liquid mixed with gravity makes the beer force its way into you and if you can't take it and don't know to raise the tube above the funnel you're gonna get a nice golden shower.

    To anyone who has used one discuss, and to those heavy drinkers who want a new exciting drinking tool, I highly suggest it.

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