the best things in life are free

Discussion in 'Writers Forum' started by dreadedsunflower, Jan 20, 2009.

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    So for my english composition 1 class I have to write a 2 page illustrative paper about why I agree or disagree with the statement the best things in life are free. I was wondering if maybe a few people could tell me why they agree or disagree with this statement? Please help this is my first semester of college and the teacher has completely changed everything I thought I knew about writing.

    this is the rough draft of my introduction paragraph:
    For something to be free it must be available to everyone rich or poor.You can not always see what is free or even touch it, but you know it is there. If the best things in life are free then why are we so dependent on money? We are attached because many people prefer money to companionship. People become so bitter and believe that you can buy happiness which is just a short term solution. Happiness is earned through one's attempt to be happy with one's self.

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