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    Folks: If you are into learning about gardening and self-reliant living out in the boonies and really don't know much about raising a garden or critters and want a good how-to book checkout "Carla Emery's Old Fashioned Recipe Book" or the Newer Updated Version "An Encyclopedia of Country Living" The updated version has deleted some parts due to I guess legal concerns and all like the canning charts for waterbath canning of meats and such. But the newer one has all the updated source lists and internet sites for more info and getting tools and products for self-reliant living. I highly recommend it.
    It was my "bible" when I first lived in the country when I was 18. I now own an old version and the newer one. You can find it at and sometimes Amazon just type in the authors name and you should see the titles popup. Its fairly cheap. I think I paid 20something for each book. The Bantam published one is the oldie but goodie. There are a lot of good food recipes in there too.
    A great back-to-the-land source of information and in depth how to do most everything.
    The other great source is Mother Earth News but it is not as good as it used to be.

    If any of you know of any others please add them to the list as I would be glad to check them out.

    Peace and Love always, Cricket

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