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Discussion in 'Protest' started by FreakerSoup, Jun 2, 2007.

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    What's the deal? I don't know much about it, but I am interested in why they are so hated.
  2. G8 = A Group the 8 largest capitalist economies
    meet and carve up the world in their favour and then declare they have unanimous support for their policies - which really equates to - this is what we want - either we get it or we fuck you !

    hmmmmm thats why its hated ! that plus the USA seems to think it can ignore europes wishes ! while persuing its economic policies above the worlds care for the environment
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    If there are European countries that are part of the G8, then how is the USA ignoring Europe's wishes when France and Germany are both members as well? Your leaders are no less corrupt than in the US or anywhere else. As a matter of fact, these corporate elitists are internationalists who want a world government. These people have no national allegience.
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    you have an error in this post as well

    'Hey your sig is screwed up, but I'll let you find the gramatical errors'

    all better :)
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    yeah, yeah, and a comma after 'Hey'

    I was leaving his post alone, in order to harass Ronald further :D
  8. There are lots of reasons to protest the G8. Some do it as to pressure them to pay attention to certain issues such as AIDS or nuclear bombs. Some protest because they are against a certain country's policies. And finally some protest because they're against capitalism in general and see the G8 as basically a meeting of the 8 most powerful nations in order to decide how to keep the world working in their favour.

    Here's the lyrics to an anti G8 song which are pretty cool. You can download the song for free at

    By Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman

    They build a fortress around every meeting,
    And it’s guarded by soldiers and cops
    So they can make all their plans and negotiations
    About how they're gonna stay at the top
    And when they're done
    They'll release a few statements
    About how their charity will feed the whole world
    When all they really did was solidify their strategies
    To ravage us with exploitation and war

    How can we be silent with so much at stake?
    Your rules were just made for the people to break
    You may try to dictate the entire world's fate
    But we are six billion and you are only eight

    You say liberalized trade, yeah it's been done before
    So that they can all profit off the blood of the poor
    You say, “let market forces do their fine job”
    So you won't take the blame
    For the millions you’ve robbed
    G8, IMF, WTO
    FTAA, NAFTA, World Bank, NGO
    Clothe it in acronyms, dress it up fine
    It still ain't no more than the world’s greatest crime

    How can we be silent with so much at stake?
    Your rules were just made for the people to break
    You may try to dictate the entire world's fate
    But we are six billion and you are only eight

    The health of our children, the wealth of our work
    Our languages, cultures, all life on this earth
    So far from the walls behind which you scheme
    To take us and break us and remake our dreams
    While you build a world out of money and greed
    With your states and your armies and big companies
    We'll water the seeds of rebellion and grow
    Strong with the weeds that erupt from below

    How can we be silent with so much at stake?
    Your rules were just made for the people to break
    You may try to dictate the entire world's fate
    But we are six billion and you are only eight
  9. shaggie

    shaggie Senior Member

    I ask this question every year. Are there any full transcripts or videos of the G8 events released to the general public? I know there are press releases every once in a while about the G8 meetings, but why not make the hearings pubic so everyone can know what is going on. (maybe there are and I've missed them) Afterall, they say they are having these meetings for the sake of helping the general public, so let's hear all the great things they are doing for us. There would be much less suspicion in the mind of the public if everyone knew what was going on fully.

  10. themnax

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    well you know, the thing of it is, nations and their political proccessess, arn't really running anything anymore. it's the international corporate mafia and it just allows nations to pretend to be running things as their puppets and their pets. the g-8 nations are the ones that are claimed as home by the most powerful and influential corporations, but really even these countries, like all countries any more, untill people get back control of them, or even care, are just the corporate mafia's lapdog pets.

    the hue and cry is that so much of what all nations do these days, is to kiss the ass of little green pieces of paper with total disreguard to the well being or even survival of anything, let alone anyone.

    i'm not sure exactly what these protests and disruptions are expected to accomplish, other then to tell this corporate mafia that it still isn't welcome to a comfortable home anywhere on the planet. not that it cares. not that it or its 'leaders' have any way of putting the two and two togather, that they are hurting everything in reality, and bennifiting nothing other then in arbitrary and totaly immaginary abstraction.

    what neither the corporations nor their protestors seem to realize as that these incentives and markets for them to exist, the corporatocracy that is, maybe even some of the protesters as well, are the collective product of values and the priorities they generate, poorly considered, let alone coosen, if even thought of at all.

    and if we want to get rid of the real and present danger to the very web of life this corporatocracy way of life not just represents but actually is and is doing, then we need to look at what, how we each individualy live, is creating this collective market for.

    that doesn't mean we need to throw everything out with the bath water, but it does mean we need to start using better sense then we generally have been, and not just about the machanics of little green pieces of paper, but rather, and much more importantly, the very web of life itself and how our tecnologies, infrastructures and ways of life, interact with it.

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    sweet I made it to the second page... How much longer untill I can post in the pollitics page? I'm tired of having to bite my tounge.
  12. mbworkrelated

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    Saint Petersburgh 2006:

    Gleneagles 2005:

    Sea Island 2004 :

    Evian 2003 :

    Kananaskis 2002 :

    Genoa 2001 :

    Okinawa 2000 :

    Cologne 1999 :

    Birmingham 1998 :
  13. mbworkrelated

    mbworkrelated Banned

    I think it is 100 posts -
  14. shaggie

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    Is there a way to watch the actual G8 summit such as video or an audio feed? I'm aware that there are press releases and summaries. CSPAN would be a venue.

  15. green_revolutrion, great post ! thanks for the song and the knowledge -

    hahahah hey depressed twat - pressed gnat or whatever u are called I love the way you are so paranoid about people being anti USA - just keep waving the flag and remember to keep watching all those old James Stewart movies-
    MB work related I know for a fact you work for the government in some capacity - no-one is that square otherwise. HAHA screw patriotism my allegience is with those who oppose this lumbering clumsy and frankly prehistoric form of government and its warlike structure -

    the politics needs to be organised differently thats all but since the politicians are the feel bad factor and they all stink of shit and corruption - you got two choices - go to hell with these politicians or get to heaven with at lkeast the knowledge that revolution meant you opposed evil - except I hate religion too - hahahahaha

    you can always rely on an anarchist to tell the truth - NEVER TRUST A HIPPY OR A TRAMP !!!!!!

    always vow that you will drop kick a politician in the balls if you see them on the street ! I believe this should be the attitude since I saw some of the politicians police officers do this to a young teenager that was doing nothing but shouting some slogans and wearing a tee shirt that said "fuck capitalist pigs" their behaviour was an act of war !
  16. shaggie

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    I should state that I'm not in support of the violence that is occurring in Germany related to the G8 summit. There are other ways to demonstrate.

    A couple of years ago there were demonstrators that blocked the front entrance to where the summit was being held. All of the limos carrying the G8 members had to go down some backstreets with garbage on them instead of in the front through the royal red carpet as was initially planned. I saw this on a European news network. The U.S. TV networks of course didn't show this as it looked too embarassing.

  17. mbworkrelated

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    I've not come across anything more than what the individual official sites provide - no minute by minute ''live'' feed as far as i'm aware.
    I'm suprised really.
    They are just catching onto pod casts - so maybe in the future we will all have a greater and greater access to it all - *crosses fingers*.
  18. mbworkrelated

    mbworkrelated Banned

    Well I wanted them for my website - Also I'm a fairly helpful guy - Somebody asked a question so I thought i'd kill two birds with one stone. It only took 6 minutes :H

    Matt - :)
  19. shaggie

    shaggie Senior Member

    Thanks for the G8 links.

  20. mbworkrelated

    mbworkrelated Banned

    No problem - the g8.utoronto is excellent.

    Make that 3 birds Ronnie - :rolleyes:

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