The Art of Torture

Discussion in 'Pure Bull' started by Ash_Freakstreet, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. Ash_Freakstreet

    Ash_Freakstreet Hmm.... GROOVY!

    Use this thread to describe, in Lurid Detail, Creative ways to torture people to death. This thread is especially dedicated to clockworkorangeagain
  2. Ash_Freakstreet

    Ash_Freakstreet Hmm.... GROOVY!

    Here's One:

    1. Immerse Somebody in Boiling Hot Water, but only up till their thighs.
    2. Tie Their Hands toghether, making sure that their fingers point outwards, and tie them at their shoulders to make sure they cannot move their hands, then make sure to tear of their Eyelids
    3. Cut off all their fingers and watch them drop into the Stew... make sure they watch
    4. Add Sulphurous Tar To the mix, so that acrid fumes emanate from the surface of the water and burn their eyes... wear Goggles yourself
    5. Lower the rest of the body into the boiling pit of hell.
  3. clockworkorangeagain

    clockworkorangeagain femme fatale

    hmmm okay...death by nature

    1. leave tied naked in mangroves overnight with mosquitos and sandflies
    2. next day tie to sappy poisonous tree after etching wounds with the barbed wire used as rope
    3. shower with hot coals (ten to fifteen mins shall do) before pouring the boiled billy water over body

    4. set angered pythons onto him as they constrict his chest, lung and throat area
    5. slit main arteries to drain rest of blood
  4. Ash_Freakstreet

    Ash_Freakstreet Hmm.... GROOVY!

    1. Crucify Them...
    2. Chainsaw their upper, outstreched limbs six inches at a time...

    2. Press two Iron Planks against their amputated stub, and weld them together, along their full length (create a pocket seal) to prevent further blood loss

    3. Use a mechanical Screwdriver to Screw several screws into their legs

    4. Leave them there to die
  5. clockworkorangeagain

    clockworkorangeagain femme fatale

    1. hack of victims tongue
    2. attach leaches to sevoured tongue
    3 force victim to swallo the tongue allowing leaches to suck their blood from the inside
    4. Stich lips together for pain and to stop unneccesary screaming from hurting my ears.
    5. crush bones with large rocks or hammer (whichever you find most effective)
  6. Mr MiGu

    Mr MiGu King of the Zombies

    go watch audition
  7. Ash_Freakstreet

    Ash_Freakstreet Hmm.... GROOVY!

    1. Take them to a Morgue
    3. Skin Them Alive to the muscle... except for their legs and vital skin coverings

    4. Make Them Stand Upright in a Tank

    6. Gradually Start Filling the Tank with Formaldehyde... to the line of their unskinned legs

    7 Hack Cadavers into Tiny (but recognizable) Peices

    8 Gradulally drop the cadaver peices into the formaldehyde, making good splashes, that land all over their skinned bodies

    9 . Fill The Tank with Cadaver Peices in order to suffocate the victims.
  8. clockworkorangeagain

    clockworkorangeagain femme fatale

    man you're a pro...mine is rather know your chems and terminology etc...
    well here goes my attempt to keep up:

    1. inflict sustained beatings to head, back, kidneys, heels, chest and so forth
    2. bleed the victim enought to fill a cup and make them drink their own blood untill they are sick
    3. throw victim into a spiked cage
    4. lower cage into dirty unhygienic water filled with sewrage, salt, etc
    5 leave victim submerged until close to death then pull out of water
    6. repeat process over a couple of days until death by exhaustion, drowning or unhygienic reasons
  9. Ash_Freakstreet

    Ash_Freakstreet Hmm.... GROOVY!

    This will be my last for the evening:

    1. Drill Countless Holes Into their limbs and place small firecrackers in each of them

    2 Place a heap of gunpowder on their chest, and a sheild it from the sides

    3. Have an archer stand-by with a flaming arrow aimed at the heap of gunpowder, his trajectory fixed to strike the heap from the top

    4 Light the bundeled-up fuses to all the firecracker in the limbs

    5 Once the individual fire crackers pop and crackle, have your acrcher shoot the arrow

  10. clockworkorangeagain

    clockworkorangeagain femme fatale

    Well to even things up this will be my last too:

    1.strap victim to dentist chair and extract teeth with plyers
    2. force feed victim litres of animal fat unitl belly almost explodes and they can not keep it in any longer
    3. heat remainining fat to boiling temperature and layer generously over victims body
    4. just to finish them off pitch some stakes through the shoulders and disenbowel them!

    mmm mmm...happy torturing everybody! :D
  11. drew

    drew Member

    umm you people aren't very nice!
  12. Ash_Freakstreet

    Ash_Freakstreet Hmm.... GROOVY!

    1. Wrap them up in barbed wire...

    2. Tie a rope around their wrists and tie the looose end to the back of a van

    3. Drive the Van at 90 miles per hour... and see sparks fly from the barbed wires

    4 Drive into a narrow garage. Stop The Van but idle the engine... Seal the garage air-tight

    5. Have the exhaust suffocate the victim and burn his/her gaping wounds
  13. clockworkorangeagain

    clockworkorangeagain femme fatale

    1. Tie up prisoner like so: with arms tied behind back and leave for a few hours for discomfort reasons.

    2. insert a welding torth into victims ass

    3. using a soldering iron proceed to burn the victims flesh slicing deep into them making sure to create large wounds

    4. finally, turn the welding torch on after terrorising the victim psychologically by telling them what is about to happen to them.

    5. lay body onto ground before having large spiked platform dropped onto body...
    6. watch on as blood splatters your face!
  14. Ash_Freakstreet

    Ash_Freakstreet Hmm.... GROOVY!

    1. Tie a chain to their wrists together and then put the loose end of the chain over a pulley that will pull a spiked metal board from behind their back towards them

    2 fix the spiked board with a blowtorch with flames that go far enough to burn their backs

    3. Turn on the blow torch

    4 Watch them run, and thus, become the agents of their own death.

  15. clockworkorangeagain

    clockworkorangeagain femme fatale

    1. First off start with some psychological torture: Have the victim on his knees begging for his life while you have a gun pointed at his temple with your left hand. in your right hand have another gun and fire at the air making sure the victim doesn't know as he hears what could invariably be his own death.

    2. just to not waste the use of your guns, shoot off all toes and fingers.

    3.. now leave the victim caged up while you prepare the next part of your torture...make sure he/she is watching as you crush large amounts of glass...and tell your victim you are about to forcefeed him/her this glass..NB: make sure there are some nice large chunks, and also wear some gloves for your own protection.

    4.tie victim down and forcefeed the glass they bleed nternally to death horsewhip them for extra fun!
  16. HAH! Shit my moms fucking better at knowing tortures than you all! Theres that one torture where you like put some object between their finger/toe nails and the skin to push it up, slowly and slowly (mom told me about that one) and thers that drip torture. and lesse.. 2 alternate forms for this one, get a dull knife or like sand paper and scrape/sand skin on certain parts away. for a guy, get like needle and insert it in scrotum first, then inject some sort of very hurting chemical but not a killing one, then do that inside the testicle. Then get sand paper and sand down the penis. for a woman, get a few objects that fit inside like dildos, but made out of sand paper and use it to get her off but not in a good way, and after a few min get a bigger one, and bigger so the skin expands n stuff and the skin n stuff inside is all bloody and full of sores, put some like painful thing that cleans it like iodine. Then for both men and women, get something to burn their private areas. Now lesse, tortures for the ass, pretty much same as for the front. that should torture somoene enough. thought that stuff up in like 3 seconds. btw, with the leaches. isnt there a chemical in leaches saliva that lessens the pain or nulls it or some shit?
  17. Small_Brown

    Small_Brown Senior Member

    1: Tie subject's hands behind their back, and string them up by their ankles. Put a cinder block under each of their shoulder, and have all their weight rest on it.
    2: Take a power drill, drill holes into their shins/arm bones. Fill the holes with salt.
    3: Insert metal pipe into anus of victim. Take barbwire string(heated up until glowing red), insert it into pipe. Remove pipe, and very slowly pull out barbwire, tearing their anus apart. Throw Iodine on it.
    4: Cut open scrotum, cut out testicles.
    5: Take subject down from strings. Nail subjects tongue to wood table. Repeatedly pour ice cold water into their naked bodies until they turn blue. Force feed subject Draino until they die slowly(that'll clean their pipes! HAHAHAH).

    Good enough?
  18. clockworkorangeagain

    clockworkorangeagain femme fatale

    yes but we are continuing on from an old thread that did use a lot of forms of torture already so most of these are imagination based....
  19. clockworkorangeagain

    clockworkorangeagain femme fatale

    yes, you can play
  20. Ash_Freakstreet

    Ash_Freakstreet Hmm.... GROOVY!

    1. Skin The Victims Limbs, and pour chicken feed on them

    2. Unleash the Chickens

    3. Have 20 cows trample the rest of the victims body

    4. Force Feed Him Raw Veggies, and tell him that he is on the bottom of the food chain

    5. Transfer him to a tank, and suffocate him with creamy mashed potatoes and gravy.


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