The Art of Happiness

Discussion in 'Books' started by michiganhippie, Aug 24, 2005.

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    Anybody read the Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama? What did you think of it?
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    my father's girlfriend gave this to me as a birthday present, i only read the first couple of chapters...what i read was good though.. i would like to finish it.
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    yeah i read that for an asian philosphy class. it is a good representation of tibetan buddhist thought, especially for a western reader who isn't exposed to the religion from early on. i enjoyed it, especially some of the quotes at the beginning of each chapter, just how they encapsulated the entire chapter in one phrase. simple and to the point, but full of deeper meaning when you think about it, sort of like buddhism. if you like eastern philosophy in general, and not just buddhism, i would recommend reading "autobiography of a yogi" by paramahansa yogananda. it gives a good representation of hinduism as practiced by one of its followers, specifically kriya yoga, a means to enlightenment practiced by many hindu "saints". i am reading it now, and it's a good read. again it is geared more towards a western reader, with detailed discussions of various concepts, yet still keeping it light and enjoyable---anyways---sort of off on a tangent there, sorry about that. but yeah the art of happiness is definitely a good one.

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