The American way

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by RandyJohnson, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. RandyJohnson

    RandyJohnson Member

    People try to tell me how to talk and it's damn irritating.
    They cram political correctness down my throat and it's aggravating.
    Even preachers are getting politically correct when they preach.
    I guess people have forgot that we have freedom of speech.
    I'll talk the way I want because that's supposed to be the American way.
    I know for a fact that the world has seen better days.
    I don't say Native American or African American; I say Indian and black.
    I will have freedom of speech so people better cut me some slack.
    Talk any way you want and don't worry what people have to say.
    You have the freedom of speech because it's the American way.
  2. Blkrubbersoul

    Blkrubbersoul Member

    i'm not sure if this is a poem or just a rant
    i like the idea either way, but i think you could've done a lot more if it was a poem

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