The aftermath of sex toys

Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by Sig88, Sep 2, 2013.

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    So for the girls/guys out there my question is kinda specific to my situation so here goes.

    My girlfriend and I have been together for several years now and have a very strong relationship that is not just about sex, but we both enjoy it with each other and I was her first. Now I am what I consider to be small (5") which means that's the biggest she has ever experienced and the idea of using a toy bigger than me is a major turn on since I'm comfortable with my size.

    The dildo we want to use is 8" long so I'm very sure she will enjoy it, maybe even more than me which doesn't bother me since that is a turn on in a way too. But what I am wondering is for the girls out there, if your first was rather small then you experimented with toys , did that effect your relationship in a negative way and did you feel the need to get more wild after a while, or did you stay just as happy?

    If I am in a horny mood the idea of my gf getting with a much larger guy is a gigantic turn on, but since we are serious we could never bring ourselves to do such a thing lol.
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    A little input to your situation. Like you I was my wife's first lover. I was a couple of years older, and had other women, which she was a bit jealous of. We always had a good sex life. After she got out of h.s. she kinda started spending nights at my house, and soon had moved in. I got a chance for a good job, but it required travel. So I was away from home through the week. We were not engaged, or anything. So we talked about seeing other people. We both agreed, and she even admitted to wanting to experience other men. We set a few ground rules, and let it go.
    It wasn't until one night after being out with some of her girl friends. That she came home, telling me about one of the girls telling, her about being with a well endowed guy, and how great it was. So from that point on, she had her mind set on trying a big man.
    To cut through the chase. A couple we knew, and had played around a bit with. Invited us to a party, which another couple was having. It was just kinda hinted, but no one ever mentioned swinging. When the night of the party came. We all met at a bar, had a few drinks. Then moved the party to the couples house. One single man was invited, I heard from others he was hung. So later that night my gal ended up with him. I felt a bit strange at the time, because I thought it would be a couple only thing. I have no regrets about it, and I was even glad she had fun.
    To your point about a sex toy, I don't think you should have to worry. Just use lots of lube. And maybe some day she'll be willing to try the real thing. It will feel better to her than a toy. You just have to find the right guy. It takes more than big to please a lady. Lucky for my gal she got the complete package.
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    Wow thanks for sharing your story! My girlfriend is very jealous of the fact I've been with other girls so deep in my mind a solution I've always had was to let her get with another guy just so she can experience it as well as not hassle me about being with other girls haha. We have started using a dildo/dong on her which is bigger than me and she absolutely loves it, she's more satisfied now after sex and moans and moves way, way more than she ever has with me.

    She still maintains that she likes mine better because it's real but I have got her to admit that the larger size is much better and I have suggested the idea of her trying a bigger guy which she thinks I'm crazy to let her do so. I think there would be a small part of me that would be jealous, but there's the part of me that is crazily turned on by it and happy for her to experience what it would be like to be with a guy than could please her sexually way more than I can.

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