The Advantages of Masturbation

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  1. The Advantages of Masturbation:

    - Humans are endowed with the largest genitalia, for their over-all body size, of any mammal on the planet -far larger than is necessary for procreation. And with this feature comes the most powerful urge to masturbate, of any mammal (also primates) on the planet. Combine this with skilled fingers, and a highly developed brain, humans are able, and eager, to sexually fantasize -in vivid technicolor. This primordial compulsion to masturbate suggests that manually stimulated sexual visualization has always been crucial to the human experience. Avid masturbators enjoyed a distinct evolutionary advantage over those who masturbated less.

    - Many members of our forum have fully experienced covert childhood
    masturbation, and later moving on to partner sex. We are eager to move on and explore new sexual adventures. And masturbation, in adulthood, is quite different and exciting when one treats it as the new frontier, the ultimate thrill and pinnacle of pleasure. And masturbating with a partner who shares in a powerful masturbation addiction is unbelievably fun, a deliciously decadent, kinky, brash and shameless way to spend our adult years.

    - Even attractive couples find that partner sex just doesn't satisfy their
    libido. Making love together, even twice in one night, fails to completely
    fulfill ones sexual desires. On the other hand, when a couple consciously
    chooses to masturbate together, the excitement and anticiptation builds as both prepare for the night. And as they masturbate together, the thrill lasts and lasts, until both writhe and moan in intense orgasms. Totally wasted, both fall into a deep sleep, not to awaken until late morning, and float back down to earth, with a warm morning glow, completely satisfied and fulfilled.

    - Masturbation harkens back to our early childhood memories of our first
    orgasms, carefully performed in secrecy and stealth. And we celebrate coming full circle, re-discovering that masturbating provides a comforting, warm, erotic, and very familiar connection with our past.

    - What a body! Who wouldn't be eager to fondle and play with it? You ARE in love with yourself!

    - Masturbation is the gold standard to which all forms of sex are compared to. As one reaches sexual maturity and refines their sexual tastes throughout life, every new sexual experience is subconsciously measured and weighed in against one's masturbation fantasies. Even the mating selection process is at odds with masturbation, as most people will opt for masturbation instead of sexual encounters with most of the potential sexual partners they encounter. A masturbator has the advantage of being able -and more than willing, to hold off and wait for the best partner match possible.

    - Masturbation is simply fun. It feels terrific. And who can resist the
    temptation that only masturbation-induced orgasms can fulfill. In masturbation, various kinds of self-stimulation and discovery are working together to maximize the goal of satisfying for yourself. Pent up, private, deeply held erotic thoughts are allowed to come forth and completely take over your consciousness.

    - A masturbation addiction can truly set you free. Those who cultivate and enjoy auto-erotica, as their primary means of sex, are able to function in life in a relative state of autonomy. That is, they are not in need, therefore are better able to be more selective, and successful, in choosing a partner -or not choosing one altogether. Being a masturbator, they aspire to visual imagery and experiences that are above the mundane. Such traits are consistent with a high self esteem level.

    - Masturbation is readily available. Convenient, and completely satisfying. It
    does not require the time-consuming efforts and unwanted distractions that
    friendship, courting, and sex with a partner requires. And never forget that
    masturbation is strictly for intense pleasure -and not for procreation. Those who masturbate with others, whether in the same room, or in spirit with an internet group, enjoy a profound sense of fellowship that outsiders cannot comprehend.

    - Good masturbators make better companions. The most satisfying affairs are those consummated after both partners have lusted for each other and secretly masturbated, in their anticipation of physical contact. And, if they're honest and truthful with each other, will candidly admit that their masturbation fantasies were far better than their real experiences together. Yet, there is no denial that masturbation puts one more in tune with your sexual response, enhancing your interpersonal sex relations.

    - Face it. Both you and your partner probably fantasize about someone else while making love with each other. While there is nothing really wrong with that, you are being cheated out of going deeper into your fantasies, to some degree. Wouldn't it be much better if both of you masturbated together instead? That way you'll both get the decadent thrill of watching each other pleasure yourselves. But more importantly, both of you will be completely free, with both hands, to carefully stroke and focus on your private fantasies, without any of the unwanted distractions of having to satisfy your lover -only yourself.

    - Masturbation, being easily available, is ideal for experimental purposes and
    can be used as a form of self-exploration, to discover exactly what one likes or does not like sexually. Erotic ideas can be best explored in the virtual world of masturbation, where one's own likes and dislikes are subjected to elevated risk-taking and adventurous paths, in a fantasyland setting. Human masturbation is truly one of the miracles of the universe.

    - Regular masturbation promotes restful sleep and is essential to good health and well being. It's a fact that those who suffer from a psychological based sexual dysfunction usually suffer from inhibitions towards masturbation. Likewise, one may naturally build up considerable sexual tension when they do not have orgasms on a frequent and regular basis (You won't be as irritable the next day).

    - Although masturbation, when resorted to by oneself, is obviously a solitary pursuit, some people actually achieve better relationships with their partners or mates than they would probably achieve if they only engaged in sexual contacts with these partners.

    - In many ways, elevated and refined levels of masturbation are proving far
    superior to transcendental meditation. For obvious reasons, this truism is not openly discussed and advocated in the inhibited mainstream of public
    consciousness, but the personal benefits are there, just the same. Masturbation assisted transcendental meditation is the new metaphysical frontier of the 21st century. In masturbation assisted transcendental meditation, abstract and spiritual thoughts are better focused on and elevated to higher levels, when skillfully and carefully stroked along.

    - Show and Tell. Mutual masturbation (masturbating with your partner) is a
    completely natural act. This is an ideal technique for couples who have
    developed deep feelings for each other and desire to move on to a special,
    richer level of intimacy and closeness. This does require a level of confidence and trust between both parties though, as you need to let your guard down, to some extent, to really appreciate the entire experience.

    - Masturbation eases tension, distracting ourselves from anxiety,
    self-depreciation, depression, and other negative feelings. The unusually
    intense orgasm produced by masturbation stimulates the pituitary gland,
    triggering morphine-like endorphins, causing a transcendent-like experience.
    Masturbation will not solve these basic emotional problems, but as a distraction technique, it is one of the best.

    - Star crossed lovers can consummate their affections for each other, by
    agreeing to simultaneously masturbate together in spirit, although hopelessly separated or apart.

    - If one is HIV positive. Mutual masturbation is of the safest form of foreplay known to mammals, as it involves only touching yourself and not your partner. The no-contact nature of mutual masturbation allows both partners to experience total intimacy and affection, without concerns of one infecting the other.

    - If one is married. Mutual masturbation, while deliciously taboo in our
    conservative society, has less religious, social, and legal barriers that have
    to be considered, dealt with, or worked around.

    - If one is physically impaired. Physical handicaps are completely immaterial
    with masturbation. Mutual masturbation is, truly, all in the mind. Everyone
    knows exactly what satisfies them and, since traditional sex and physical
    contact have no place in mutual masturbation, the intimate and spiritual
    benefits will naturally manifest themselves.

    - You and your lover simply desire to experience a higher, spiritual form of
    intimacy. Most people start early in life privately experimenting with self
    pleasure (remember how unbelievably good it felt?), then there was physical sex for the first time (remember how awkward, even scary it was?), next came an awkward, covert adolescent sex, moving on to steady relationships (remember how exciting it was?), then to marriage. Married (or mated) couples who regularly masturbate together experience a special intimacy, a unique and lasting bond. Mutual masturbation is an intimate ritual, a rite of passage to a higher plane of transcendent-erotic lovemaking.

    - Masturbation can be practiced almost anywhere, at almost anytime. Whenever the urge hits. In a dorm room. In the wilderness. In a train. While in meditation. Even laying in bed, next to your partner, without anyone, but you, knowing about it.

    - Masturbation comes to the rescue, when one has a crush on someone who is clearly unobtainable, or unavailable, or inappropriate. Privately acting on these hot flashes, by masturbating all the way to an orgasm, is a socially acceptable means to soften and take the pain out of some of these intense feelings, and, over time, dissipate them.

    - In masturbation, one performs their sex activities on pure impulse, as well as their resting periods between activities, since they do not have to depend on the participation of their partners. As such, achieving orgasm is not important, since falling asleep, and waking to begin masturbating again is a common cycle of extended masturbation sessions.

    - Billions of people throughout the world have always found and still find a
    great many advantages when they resort to masturbation that they would not find if they only participated in interpersonal contacts. Knowing this tends to create a profound sense of fellowship, even if masturbating alone. This realization of a sort of "collective karma" can also heighten the intensity of self-induced orgasms.

    - When a couple mutually masturbates, both are acknowledging that they deeply desire an erotic experience that is outside of their relationship. By sitting, facing each other and spreading their thighs, they are not only presenting an erotic part of themselves for the other to enjoy, but are also bareing their wild, adulterous side, yet granting full acceptance and approval for their partner to fantasy-act on their very private, and passionate, desires. Masturbation allows both partners a large measure of freedom and self-satisfaction, adding a magical feeling to the relationship.

    - Quite often, in our daily routines, we see or meet someone, or experience an event, or simply visualize an erotic scenario that truly turns us on. When these magical hot flashes occur, it is normal and healthy, and crucial, to retreat into a quiet seclusion and masturbate, all the way to an orgasm, on the same day of such an experience, while our feelings and visual images are still fresh and clear. Doing so, will crystallize our immediate thoughts and feelings, refine and distill them down to their essence: their most pure and erotic form. Once acted on in such a manner, these now-vivid fantasies can be recalled and fantasized on in future, hot masturbation sessions, again, again, and again.

    - Masturbation can be practiced in symbolic, religious, value laden, and other ways and, if desired, derive unification experiences and other profound nonsexual experiences from engaging in it. The stroke of midnight, New Year's Eve, or winter, or summer, solstice, or, during a minute of national, or international, silence -a time, maybe better spent silently writhing in orgasm. Practiced, in some, circles, as a Focused Orgasm, when one consciously supresses the body's natural lovesong and silently and rigidly visualizes, for example, world peace and harmony, while stroking themselves through their orgasm in the usual manner. It is believed, by some, that a simultaneous, collective, Focused Orgasm, has a powerful and desirable effect on the world.

    - It acknowledges, the simple truth, that many people achieve orgasm,
    exclusively, by way of self stimulation. People can often achieve better sex
    through resorting to auto-erotic practices than they would achieve if they only resorted to interpersonal sexual contacts. And that, even among married couples, auto-erotica is a frequent, and essential, feature of good health and happiness.

    - A masturbation adventure into the blinding light of fantasyland, regularly,
    will also relax and rejuvenate you. Although a session may last only minutes, vast reaches of time and space are covered in the of realm of the
    masturbation-stimulated imagination.

    - Human sexual fantasies and desires are truly insatiable. The practice of
    ancient kings having harems, into the hundreds of beautiful women, is testimony to the futility of seeking erotic satisfaction in the real world. Romance novels, read by most women today, are the counterpart of this undeniable phenomenon. Only masturbation fantasies are truly capable of fulfilling and satisfying. Married couples, who desire to stay married, must first, and foremost, openly profess to their masturbation addictions and build their relationship around that.

    - Heterosexual partner sex: The great exaggeration. Our popular culture screams at us day in and day out, professing the need of everyone to pair into heterosexual partnerships -breeders. The result is that teenagers become pregnant, sexually transmitted diseases are rampant, and, the worst part, romance has become an industry. Equally troubling, gays and lesbians lobby the public, telling us that we are all homosexual -or at least bisexual. The fact is that we are are all, first and foremost, masturbators, latent sexuals, at heart. Everyone needs intimate companionship, but society would be much better off if every romance movie and story had truly wild and erotic ending -where both lovers ecstatically retreat from the scene, to masturbate together. Even promiscuous sex would become one night stands -of steamy and hot mutual masturbation. The world would soon experience relief from the ever expanding swarm of human locusts, as our populations decline in our newfound bliss and happiness. New epic love stories would evolve: "There once was a beautiful, exotic princess who lived in a distant land. And she lived happily ever after. How? That's completely up to her."

    - One fantasizes best during masturbation. And can focus better on their own sexual fantasies and pleasures than when they are distracted or interfered with by the presence of a partner. As in the case of fantasy, one's learning to focus is transferable to actual sex acts with their partner.

    - In masturbation, one is able to engage in much longer periods of arousal and, especially, focus on the intense, near-orgasm experience (edging), than they would ever experience in distracting, partner sex. For masturbation aficionados, this is the payoff, a truly mind-altering state. The experience is more intense, with more deeply satisfying forms of arousal and orgasm than is likely with their regular or special partner. The end result is a state of unconsciousness that is beyond peace.

    - Masturbation can be the answer, and a crucial element, in many forms of ritual space. Only masturbation can be highly ritualized, from start to orgasm, throughout the entire process.

    - Masturbation enables couples to enjoy complete and satisfying lovemaking, whether they are together or far apart.

    - You and your partner can masturbate together. That way both of you get exactly what you want, plus you get to experiment with a little exhibitionism and voyeurism. Always a stellar performance!

    - Remember: No fantasy, and no sexual desire, is too strange, too unusual, too weird, too bizarre, too improbable, or too kinky, when it comes to masturbation. Psychologists have labored for years to explain to us that strange and weird erotic fantasies are, in fact, completely normal and healthy, as long as they're acted out in the imagination -and not in the real world. Also, this frees you to do (fantasize) about anything you want, without having to explain it to a bewildered partner. One is encouraged to let themselves go, and completely cater to these desires in the world of self-pleasure. And never forget: The stranger the fantasy, the stronger the orgasm. Just be sure to buckle your seatbelt!

    - We are human miracles. Each one of us perfectly unique. We can pick our
    clothes and hair style... and choose the way we look. But we have absolutely no control over what turns us on. That's why masturbation is so incredibly good. It connects us with our pure, hedonistic impulses. We WILL be consumed by it. Recognizing that fact, let's make it an honest, shameless and healthy celebration of lust and fantasy.

    - So enjoy masturbation with confidence. Know full well that you and many
    others, including ourselves, are frequent flyers, and will always be with you in spirit.
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    wow,that's a lot of benefits. :D
  3. mushroomherb

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    i have one reason:to imagine the girl i love. and have sex with her even though shes taken by my friend... who if he ever hurts her, will find himself getting hurt himself. even if its not very peaceful of me, i wont let her get hurt!!!
  4. DroopySnoopy

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    i was horny when i first started reading this thread! lol!!
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    I was still underage when I started reading it!!!:D
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    I love the thread.Its very truethful and few will admit as much as you have.
    To go a step further there is a book titled "ESO" which means extended sexual orgasm.It is written by Dr. Braum(not sure of the spelling) and found on the book store web sights.I have done some of the training described in it and it adds dimensions I was never aware of.I have been able to use it to teach two other woman to orgasm and ejaculate which I found a total thrill!
  8. gomark

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    Masturbation is incredibly pleasurable without being unhealthy. There ain't mant things you can say that about!!!
  9. kissya

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    Yes, and it feels good too.
  10. chris_1661

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    I've been doing it for the past 9 years, and it is great!!!

    It can help relax some people if they are stressed out, and it ISN'T unhealthy or shameful!!!

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