The Address of Within

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by bluesafire, May 29, 2007.

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    The Address of Within

    It is a place that is no place
    The altar of my Being
    Undoubtedly a sacred space
    And worthy of revealing

    And yet for those who deem to seek
    This space inside their minds
    The path elusive quickly turns
    And rendered hard to find

    It is a shelter from the storm, of sorts,
    As sages have revealed
    And yet the address of Within
    Remains to most concealed

    But clues remain to guide us there
    To this most sacred space
    It lies beyond the manifested world
    And Nothing marks its place

    So when you hear to go within
    Just know it isn’t true
    There’s really nowhere left to go
    And nothing left to do

    Because you already are there
    And need not leave your spot
    It isn’t here or there at all,
    ... but silence helps a lot.
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    startled poetry dandelion awareness and this: !!!!!
  3. thcinfectedhair

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    oh wow, i liked that a lot. it went in a diff direction then you think it is. nicely done!

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