The Abuse of the medical marijuana system

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Marijuana' started by continuousbeing, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. It is quite shame that so many people take advantage of the Medipot systems in the various states that allow it. here there are so many people who do not need it but who buy a recommemdation anyways. yes, i am all for legalizing pot for all reasons, but the drug warriors LOVE to point to the medical movement and say its just a front for recreational users. and in a lot of ways it is.

    this is such a disservice to the idea of medical marijuana and to the people who actually do need it. the people who abuse the system are going to kill it eventually. i am always embarrased when someone i know brags about having a card.

    the fight for drug policy reforms is hurt by these peoples actions.
  2. ConcealedCulture

    ConcealedCulture Senior Member

    If it helps you, you should have access to it. Period.
  3. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    I can't lie. If I had a card, I would be one smoked out mother fucker. I'm gonna get high, regardless, but if I had a card I would rub it in those fucking pig's faces and smoke one for everybody that doesn't have a card. it may be wrong, but oh well.
  4. SirTokesAlot

    SirTokesAlot Lives

    I dont think thats his point. I too support the medical marijauna system and the movement, but I do agree it is a shame people abuse it and the amount of those individuals around.
  5. MikeE

    MikeE Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    If it helps with a medical condition, medical marijuana (and permission to use it) should be used.

    Healthy people using medical marijuana for getting high is a stoner's first step to becoming Rush Limbaugh.
  6. SirTokesAlot

    SirTokesAlot Lives

    /\ Theres many steps taken before that one
  7. lizziet84

    lizziet84 Member

    i think the world should change its ideas about weed and its afects. peple have a serious problem when it comes to weed, i think licker is far more dangerous than weed is but takeing weed to access can lead to metal health problums but so this shouldn't be ignored.
  8. exactly. it does a lot to discredit the movement in the average americans eyes
  9. ConcealedCulture

    ConcealedCulture Senior Member

    I used to think like that about "abusing" the medical marijuana laws. But I have become way too sick of the law abusing people. Fuck it, I think as many people should get cards as possible, be as blatant as fucking possible inviting persecution, then clog the court systems up with appeals in the pretense that they were acting under state law.
  10. Thats right man!The system abuses the people.

    Alcohol kills thousands and it's legal...Weed kills 0.Theres something wrong here.
  11. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    My thoughts, exactly. We have always been on the same page. We oughta smoke together.
  12. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    Alcohol kills thousands. Weed contributes to opening people up to mental conditions which could eventually lead to violence, petty crime, even murder.

    Point made?
  13. ConcealedCulture

    ConcealedCulture Senior Member

    His point is that the use of alcohol, a poison, kills thousands of people annually. Not to mention all the negative social effects. The use of cannabis, a non toxic herb, has never and will never kill anyone. As bill hicks said, people on pot don't get into fights, because it is fucking impossible.

    Your argument is using myths and old government propaganda that not only cannot be proven in your post or the big picture, but has been proven time and time again to be complete bullshit.

    Point made?
  14. ConcealedCulture

    ConcealedCulture Senior Member

    Yeah we have man. We should smoke sometime, that would be really cool.
  15. i agree that the law is abusive, but that is not the way to change it. it only drives those on the fence about things to look at it in a more negative light

    and in the end, when you wind up in federal court on felony possession charges the fed court isnt even going to allow you to mention state law as a defense
  16. SirTokesAlot

    SirTokesAlot Lives

    Do you really think thats the answer? If people really started doing this, I'd like to give them a big "FUCK you", because it then becomes harder for those people who really need it for medicinal values to obtain a card... or even worse, the government just GETTING RID OF THE FUCKING MEDICAL MARIJUANA experiment. Then what?? You just assraped yourself.
  17. †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg

    †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg Eminent Herbalist

    Hahaha, shit, and alcohol doesn't? Ok, no one thats fucking blazed is gona go get in a fucking fight or kill someone.... Unless they're a fucking idiot. If they're a fuckign idiot then they shouldn't be smokign Marijuana in the first place.
  18. thnak you. this was exactly my whole point in the first place!
  19. Action_Frank

    Action_Frank Member

    i grandpa wouldn't let my father go to college because he thought it would make him go crazy.

    that is because my uncle Wayne went to college about the same time as his schizophrenia came into mental play.

    causation is a funny game to play, eh?
  20. ConcealedCulture

    ConcealedCulture Senior Member

    The fact is people have tried every avenue of the democratic process many times to get these laws made a bit more rational and humane. But the political machine won't budge. According to Martin Luther King, jr the next step is civil disobedience en masse. 30 million closet smokers can certainly be powerful, but imagine if those 30 million started exhaling in public.

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