The ability to be in multiple places at once

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by bird_migration, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. If you look at multiple mirrors at once and see your light reflected and assuming that photons are matter, you can be in multiple places at once. Too bad the mind doesn't form in any of those reflections or we could theoretically travel to any place within the universe and still be here.

  2. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Yeah, being in multiple bathroom mirrors would be real awesome =\
  3. That is just the beginning, the whole universe is your playground. :2thumbsup:
  4. MeatyMushroom

    MeatyMushroom Juggle Tings Proppuh

    How do you know the mind doesn't form in any of those reflections, you're not inhabiting those reflections, your reflection is.

    *spooky music*

    I'm not being serious, but I suppose it is a possibility
  5. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    multiple mirrosis .. yeah I got that..
  6. jaredfelix

    jaredfelix Namaste ॐ

    Yeah the light bouncing off you then reflecting off a mirror back into your eye doesn't mean you're somewhere different? What about when two mirrors are side by side and you can see into infinity :O
  7. odonII

    odonII O

    If I can stay in bed while my 'other' goes out to work - that would be cool.
  8. jaredfelix

    jaredfelix Namaste ॐ"]Multiplicity #4 - YouTube
  9. Fairlight

    Fairlight Banned

    Mirror magic is a real phenomenon.
  10. odonII

    odonII O

    A better idea would be one that has different versions having slightly different points of views.
  11. MeAgain

    MeAgain Dazed and Confused Staff Member Super Moderator

    Here is a real "Magic Mirror" showing that an object can be in one place and image in another."]Chinese Magic Mirror ** MUST SEE ** - YouTube
  12. Driftwood Gypsy

    Driftwood Gypsy Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    We are present in many dimensions at once.
  13. tastyweat

    tastyweat Member

    "At once" supposes the existence of time and outside of this specific experience we are having collectively, time does not exist.

    Time has a purpose to this existence, but it is not a fundamental underlying force.

    So, we may be in multiple locations "at once", only this specific ego doesn't recognise its counterparts.

    Or through travelling the astral realms... you can go all over the place in the blink of an eye.

    Your dreams are another reality - you travel in those ;)

  14. jaredfelix

    jaredfelix Namaste ॐ

  15. MeAgain

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    There are several theories as to how the ancient Chinese constructed these things. One was that quenching the cast mirror produces tiny wrinkles on the face of the mirror, too small to be observed by eye, that matched the design on the back.

    Another is that the mirror is cast flat with the design on the back then a convex surface is scraped on the front and polished to a high shine. The resulting stresses cause the thinner parts of the surface to bulge outwards and become more convex than the thicker portions. Then a mercury amalgam was laid over the surface creating more stress and buckling resulting in the front imperfections matching the back pattern, although they were too small to be seen.

    The latest thing I saw is that no pattern has ever been detected on any mirror surface, so it is suggested that the pattern is acid etched into the front of the cast surface and then covered by electroplating a very thin partially reflective top layer over it. This can be checked with a CCD camera but I don't think any original mirrors dating from 206 B.C.E. to 45 C.E. has ever been tested.
  16. Jo King

    Jo King wannabe

    Who sad I can't.

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