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Discussion in 'Bare It! Nudism and Naturism' started by Surya, May 18, 2004.

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    Hey Surya, I know what you mean about energy flowing...sometimes it's almost measurable, the electric like ebb and flow into and out of the earth. When I'm barefoot (which is most of the time when I'm not in danger of frostbite) there's a joining with the world you can't get any other way. Speaking of snow and winter, i've noticed a muted energy flow when snowfooting, just not the same connection. Back in Germany when you had to deal with snow did you notice that too? In addition Barefooting is just more fun!!! thanks I'll be off now got some barefoot hiking to do before my trip. Archie
  3. shaggie

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    For me it's a feeling of warmth and happiness. When I'm hiking, I see the footprints of all the other creatures. Each looks different and has its own personality. Then I see my prints in the soil and they look different from all the rest. It make me feel like I am here with all the other lifeforms and helps me know who I am. :)

    My prints on pavement:
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    Here's part of a post I wrote in another bulletin board:

    I like to go barefoot or use sandals(or moccasins/mukluks in the winter) because I like to feel what I am walking on, and to walk gently on the earth and experiencing something like climbing a large hill with your bare feet is not only fun but it increases your agility and co-ordination as well and keeps you alert(have to watch you don't step on that cactus over there, grab that branch there so you won't slip, etc). I like to feel the sensation of a wet puddle underneath or the sharp rocks or the hot sand, shoes stunt the feet and weaken the ankles, trap bacteria and take those sensations away so they seem to do more harm than good.
  5. mystical_shroom

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    I go barefoot because why would i want to cover up one of the most beautiful parts of the human body...
    also, they are my travelin' buddies, ohhh the stories they would tell...
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    i guess i would say also that i like being barefoot because i like to feel what i'm walking on. my feet are very sensitive and i love the change in textures, like between grass, concrete, carpet, tile, things like that. i'd much rather feel them than the inside of my shoes!

    plus i find it's much more comfortable on a hot day not to have my feet stuffed inside a pair of Chucks or something - its a feeling of freedom which i don't like having to give up. part of that is to do with the fact that i often go totally bare at home, so maybe going out barefoot is just me trying to carry on with as much of that freedom as i can - without getting arrested!
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    i just think its really weird to wear shoes indoors. i was raised in the city so i had to waer shoes outside but whenever i got the chance id take them off-my mum used to get exasperated when i took off my sock n shoes in resteraunts, shops,or throw them out of my buggie- she was alright with it at other peoples houses, and parks and stuff. so i got used to just wearing sandles or wellies in the winter.
    THEN i was sent to school and was forced to wear shoes ALL DAY- i was actually quite shocked!

    in secondary school they are alright with you walkin around in your socks- not the same really , but loads of people find feet disgustig!!??? they are only digusting if you let them fester in their own filth all day!

    see what you mean about hiking- i feel more confident with bear feet.
    anyone else got simlilar stories of childhood? or am i the only one without outwardly hippy parents?
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    i feel trapped in shoes, and i too really enjoy feeling what i'm walking on

    wether it's grass, harsh asphalt or just strange artificial school floors, i prefer feeling it to be aware of it.

    also, as others have said (again), it brings additional awareness and can start unusual trains of thoughts in other people where they will avoid throwing glass & shit everywhere if they see some people walking barefoot!

    Keep doing what makes you feel good beyond the intellect! :)
  9. Barefoot_Surfer

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    I love the feeling of being barefoot. I am like it pretty much most of the time apart from at work. Because I am working in a factory I wear steel toecaps. I am glad that I do really. Droping a lump of brass on my foot is a sure way to break it. My most favorite texture which I haven't got around to walking on for a while is a forrest floor. It is such a delight. It makes the forest seem bigger. Not only that you can sneak up on really shy animals. A real treat that is :sunglasse
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    To me, going barefoot seems so much more sanitary than wearing heavy shoes or boots! Whenever I have those on I can just imagine the bacteria, you know? (Or maybe I'm just paranoid...:) )

    I also feel much more connected to the Earth when going barefoot.

    My friend and I were going to do a school project on going barefoot and found this site to be really interesting:
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    The feel of being barefoot is very liberating! I can't tolerate that restricting feeling that shoes give you, kind of a suffocating feeling. Feet were made to go bare!

    Just say "No" to shoes and socks.
  12. FunkyPhreshMama

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    i went to rent videos barefoot a few days ago it was great =) woo hoo for no shoes
  13. wastingthedawn

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    I feel like wearing shoes is like plugging your can't breath, smell, you're cutting off one of you vital sences...It's the same with cannot feel the land you walk on with all it's many feelings and textures, like shutting out mother miss out on so much...:)
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    Being barefoot gives me a wonderful feeling of freedom.
    There are so many reasons I enjoy it. The lack of restriction on my feet feels relaxing. The textures and temperatures I get to feel through my feet make being barefoot almost like having an extra sense. Bare feet, since they are not cooped-up in dank shoes all day, stay free of fungal infections and don't smell. Also, I enjoy the challenge to have rugged, durable feet. It's like, "If I can go here barefoot, I can go here no matter what!"

    Plus, since I like feet in the sense of having a foot fetish, going barefoot is sort of an outward expression and manifestation of that.

    Blue skies,

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