Testing pH of compost?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing Techniques' started by snakeyes, May 28, 2007.

  1. snakeyes

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    I'm wondering what the best way to test compost is. I bought a pH meter but I don't think it's suitable. First it says mix your 'soil' with water to the consistency of mud before test. That don't work with compost. then it says if the probe touches any organic matter, the reading may be eratic or inaccurate. - well, that ain't gonna work in compost either. When I shove the probe in it reads around pH5. I don't think it's accurate because I'm sure the babies would be dead by now. What can I do? any help please?
  2. T.H. Cammo

    T.H. Cammo Member

    Start with pretested, neutral ph water!

    Add water to the compost slowly, so that it is fully saturated. Let it set a while so the ph can stabalize. Add a little more water untill you get some run off though the drain holes. Catch the run off in a clean container and test that, any change will reflect the compost ph. If the meter still doesn't work right, put a coffee filter, or two, over the end (like a condom!).
  3. snakeyes

    snakeyes Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Thanx Cam. Still probs tho. the runoff is gonna be discoloured from the compost, so no use with universal indicator. The pH meter guide says, whatever you do, don't put it directly in water, but only in soil. (why not? - Is this thing any use at all?). If it breaks then fuck it - I'll stick the meter in a solution I have tested with indicator sol so I know if it is accurate, then test the runoff as you suggest.

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