Tell me why I shouldn't be able to hit a girl

Discussion in 'Feel Good Feminism' started by whiphoze, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. whiphoze

    whiphoze Banned

    in self defense or if she hit's me first.

    For example, if I'm waiting at the bus stop and I get into an argument with a girl or something stupid... She's crazy and starts swinging punches at me. Tell me why I should not be able to give her a swift punch to the jaw, like I would with a male.
  2. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    there isnt any reason why you shouldnt defend yourself. but you dont need to rearrange her nose. but its perfectly fine should you need to go that far.
  3. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    Self defense is one thing, but retaliation is another.
  4. odonII

    odonII O

    Have you ever done this? If so, why ask? I don't think anybody would think it wrong to defend yourself - as long as it was proportional. Perhaps wonder why you would provoke such anger or be around people that were that angry or angry enough to resort to violence.
  5. whiphoze

    whiphoze Banned

    Never done it, but I had one female threatning to punch my face in after a fierce argument over me tapping her car by accident. I said if she tried, I would hit her back. She then freaked and told me that I needed to be hit 3 times bya woman before I could hit her.

    Before the trolls come, I think beating a woman needlessly is despicable. My mom was beaten by her father.
  6. odonII

    odonII O

    I think you can pretty much guarantee she already had...
  7. whiphoze

    whiphoze Banned

  8. calgirl

    calgirl Senior Member

    You can restrain her. If she is stronger and can escape, and hits again, I say lay her out.
  9. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    I grew up 'taking it like a man' whenever my sister would dig her nails into my flesh till it bled. Never hit back. That, only to hear the usual soap opera/cosmopolitan magazine misandrist comments, about how men are immature, lazy, insensitive, oppressive, violent, unable to multitask, dumb, unable to control their sexual appetite, or not being able to keep it up long enough, of either not being strong enough or of being brutes, etc. ad infinitum.

    Granted, I would tease her. But, my sister would too. In the female way of making a show of ignoring men (not answering when asked a question, not making eye contact when entering the house, random silent treatment, etc.) My mother never even mentioned it. That's single moms, for ya.

    What's even more fucked up, is that in retrospect, as embarrassing as it sounds even to myself, I 'took it like a man' in order to impress my mom.

    It was a strategy to make up for the obvious favoritism that my sister got at home. Later on, in dating, I tried white knighting entitled bitches (opening doors, etc.) having the same goal in mind. That was my early twenties. But, by then, I had already picked up on the pattern, and was a very bad gentleman indeed.

    Here's the thing about feminism. You can't win. If you hit a woman back, you're a chauvinist. If you don't, you're a chauvinist because you don't take women seriously.

    Further, if you hit back, what you really have to worry is men in the vicinity. They'll kick your ass based on the ideology that 'you don't hit a girl.'

    They forget, though. That the same ideology said, women don't say 'no' to men.
  10. odonII

    odonII O

    If she is throwing her arms around at a man - I'm quite sure she has done the same thing to a woman, and a woman has hit her. This probably happened more than once.
  11. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

  12. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    A lot of people have no idea what self defense means.

    You are allowed to use enough force to stop someone attacking you, but that is it. And only if you can't get away. If you are "hitting back", you are evening the score. It's not a boxing match.

    If there is a bitch hitting you, leave and call the cops if she hurt you. Charge her.
  13. whiphoze

    whiphoze Banned


    Personally, I would never hit a woman with FULL force but I would retaliate if hit, unless it is a kid a they do not know any better. With the law on the side of women these days, I would have to be careful and would try to my best to record the incident.
  14. whiphoze

    whiphoze Banned

    Well of course. If you chase someone down and hit them, it erodes the meaning of self defense. But I, like many others believe that you should be bale to hit someone we has hit you. You can't expect any rational person to run or stay there and calm her down.
  15. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    And how do you expect to get away? Toss out a white handkerchief and start running?
  16. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    If women don't want to be hit back like a man would hit a man back, then they should act like women and not hit a man. If they think 'acting like a lady' is beneath them, then the same rules apply as in a guy fight. Again, it's trying to have it both ways.

    I am short and skinny, and I have never expected bigger stronger guys to hold punches against me just because they are stronger. I understand that if I hit them, I'm going to deal with their superiority in strength. So I don't.

    Splitting hairs about what amount of force can be appropriately used is just a way to fuzz up the basic notion that women should have the supremacist privilege to hit a man whenever they feel like it without consequence.

    If someone invades my house, I'm going to shoot them to death. If someone picks my pocket, you can bet I'll shoot the son of a bitch down. Self-defense is not keeping tabs on the amount of force you use. Once you've transgressed my space, I am no longer morally beholden to you in any way.
  17. whiphoze

    whiphoze Banned

    Exactly. There really is no sexism involved.

    I actually believe in chivalry and will treat my woman like a princess. But if a girl hits a man, she shouldn't expect the man to be calm and collected. Esepcially since the guy will most likely be much stronger than her due to pure biology.
  18. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    I do too. If the act like princesses. And by princess, I don't mean a stuck up bitch.
  19. whiphoze

    whiphoze Banned

    Seems like most feminists today want to be treated like men, but cry when it actually happens. Then they want to be treated like princesses but then complain about that too.
  20. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    I've yet to hear a more concise definition of the whole clusterfuck.

    Edit: And let me not be a hypocrite and omit what being a real princess actually entails: submitting to the authority of the prince.

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