Tell Me If This Poem Sucks?

Discussion in 'Gay' started by PoetDude39, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. PoetDude39

    PoetDude39 Member


    Cocksucker Sucks S U C K S SUCKS. Cocksucker
    Sucking SUCKING S U C K I N G! SUCK suck s u c k.
    All night long. P o o r little C O C K S U C K E R. NO
    thing to HOLD o n t o. Just a pair of STRAIGHT legs.


    I actually found this "poem" on the street today. I was standing on the corner, just waiting for the light to change, and suddenly glanced down at my foot. That's when I noticed that I was standing on a torn piece of notebook paper. So I picked it up, and was sorta shocked to see that it was some kind of poem. Or is it? LOL. Do you think this "poem" sucks? I mean, does it REALLY s u c k? B I G TIME? Or Maybe Not?
  2. Lozi

    Lozi Senior Member

    intriguing. were those caps written in previously?
  3. PoetDude39

    PoetDude39 Member

    Yeah, I didn't change a thing. BTW, I'm 110% queer myself. And I can't figure out if the poet was being tongue-in-cheek or rather homophobic (on purpose). I guess it would help if I knew the poet's sexuality, etc. It sorta reminds me of e.e. cummings. And he did come up with some totally outrageous poems every so often. But I can't find it anywhere in his Collected Poems. It's just totally weird. LOL. I mean, in a way, I sorta admire the way the anonymous poet has captured my attention. Much better than a lot of the stuff they're putting in the New Yorker lately. And I totally like the fact that I found it by accident. Maybe I am helping to rescue it from obscurity or something, eh? LOL. Well, thanks for taking a peek, and for your nice comment.


  4. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    If the poet is going for alliteration, then he/she certainly went overboard with the /s/ and /k/.

    We don't know if cocksucker is a male or female. Perhaps cocksucker is doing a self-suck. Are the straight legs heterosexual legs or are they simply not bent at the articulation? Do the legs belong to cocksucker, to the person whose cock cocksucker is sucking, or to a third person in a ménage-à-trois?

    The poems lacks content. Why is cocksucker "poor"? I'm not impressed.
  5. ArtistofPeace

    ArtistofPeace Senior Member

    I don't know if I like it, but I don't hate it. From my reading of it, the "cocksucker" is a gay male. By saying that he has nothing to hold onto, just a pair of straight legs, he seems to be saying that he's sucking off a guy, with no womanly hips to hold onto...only a pair of straight legs.

    However, I like how you can read "straight" in two ways. He can mean straight, as in no curvature...or straight as in not gay in sexuality. It's actually a pretty intriguing poem now that I read more into it. Now that I look over it, when the author states that there's nothing to hold onto...he can also be meaning that since the person he's sucking off isn't gay, he won't be able to hold onto that person as a companion.

    When he says that the cocksucker is "poor" it seems it's more of a..."poor guy, he's just sucking off anyone who needs a good blowjob"...with no real companionship or love to be had. Or, if you look at it another way, it can be a way to ridicule gay men by saying that another gay man can't give them the same pleasure as a woman can.

    Hmm...I should stop talking now. Forgive me, I'm an English major, and I have a tendency to over-analyze...haha.
  6. PhotoGra1

    PhotoGra1 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    ...hated it.
  7. PoetDude39

    PoetDude39 Member

    Yeah, I am still trying to figure out of the poet is a dude or a girl? I was sorta turned off (at first) by all the godawful alliteration. But then I began to think the poet was doing a really good parody of awful alliteration! LOL. The self-suck idea was not something that came to my mind. But I do think the "straight" legs line is supposed to mean that there is something kinda tragic about only servicing people? And not getting anything meaningful in return? And that's what's up with the "poor" little cocksucker, etc. Still so many questions, eh? LOL.


  8. PoetDude39

    PoetDude39 Member

    Oh, and the "servicing" thing does not have to be only about oral sex. It can mean any kind of behavior where you are giving much more than getting something back in return? Just letting folks take advantage of you? I remember I used to do this really cute straight dude's homework for him (back in high school) a lot. I mean, he wasn't the brightest bulb in the box. LOL. Anyway, he was way pleased. Cuz I was helping him to earn a few top grades for the first time in his life. Till I overheard him telling some other dude that he was getting a dumb faggot to do all his work for him. And I did feel pretty dumb right then. But I woke up in a hurry. And no matter how much he pleaded with me to help him out, I always told him I had much better things to do with my life, etc. He always looked so puzzled and confused. LOL.


  9. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    Or it could mean any of this ...

    Main Entry: poor
    Pronunciation: 'pur, 'pOr
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle English poure, from Old French povre, from Latin pauper; akin to Latin paucus little and to Latin parere to give birth to, produce -- more at FEW, PARE
    1 a : lacking material possessions b : of, relating to, or characterized by poverty
    2 a : less than adequate : MEAGER b : small in worth
    3 : exciting pity <you poor thing>
    4 a : inferior in quality or value b : HUMBLE, UNPRETENTIOUS c : MEAN, PETTY
    6 : BARREN, UNPRODUCTIVE -- used of land
    8 : lacking a normal or adequate supply of something specified -- often used in combination <oil-poor countries>
    - poor·ish /-ish/ adjective
    - poor·ness noun
  10. PoetDude39

    PoetDude39 Member

    "... hated it."

    On sight? LOL. That's cool. I don't think it's a masterpiece. Just a lot more interesting than some of the academic stuff I've seen around lately.


  11. PoetDude39

    PoetDude39 Member

    Wow. A lot of insightful stuff here! Yeah, the more I look at it, I really am starting to think that the poem is about how sad and lonely casual sex can become. Especially when it's just a gay dude servicing a bunch of straight ones. (The "all night long" line.) I'm still sorta torn about the poet being a dude or a girl? But the totally graphic language here makes me lean more towards it being a dude. Like maybe even a straight dude! LOL. I mean, maybe there's actually a sympathetic straight dude or two out there that would find this sorta activity really sad and lonesome. And not wanna become a part of it. To actually turn a dude down that offers a quick and easy blow job. Just cuz they think it is placing the so-called "poor little cocksucker" at a disadvantage. Some straight dudes do gotta a heart, eh? I mean, when it's not being ruled by what's below the belt, etc. Thanks for your really cool comment! You brought a lot of substance to this discussion/debate.


  12. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    it's amazing how you rhymed 'sucks' with 'sucks'... that's poetic genius.
  13. PoetDude39

    PoetDude39 Member

    LOL. I thank you kindly.



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