Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Makimono402, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Makimono402

    Makimono402 Member

    I want you to know
    I want to make it so obvious
    I want you to be the first one to say anything about it

    I can't do this to you
    I've strung you along enough
    You actually believe my love

    It might as well be set in stone
    He will never leave my heart
    I am thinking about someone else

    I don't even have to try
    Fate brings the three of us together
    He knows it and I know it

    When are you going to see
    I'm just keeping you around
    I'm going to throw you away

  2. you know people who do things like this are the reason lots of boys kill girls.
  3. Makimono402

    Makimono402 Member

    Oh, I know, girls are ridiculous, but you still love us anyways for some reason
  4. guinea

    guinea Member

    its definately a poem of reality, love is great no matter what form it comes in.
    i like the honesty of the writing

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