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Discussion in 'Old Hippies' started by teepi, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. teepi

    teepi living my dream

    Got some PM's and a thread asking where I've been....
    Well here's a bit of what I've been upto...
    Larry and I just can't stop building...this place may never be done.
    We are at a standstill right now due to weather...he didn't get laid off till almost Christmas then we had horrible ice and snow storms so we got a late start...
    But we had a nice week of weather in the 50's and 60's so we got the foundation. Fllor and 3 walls up. They will be double walls packed with 6 inches of insulation. We will also be adding a porch.
    I will keep posting pics as we progress.
    Thank all of my buds here who were concerned about me...I love you all.



    This will be a recording studio/living room area...16x24.
  2. sugarmaggie

    sugarmaggie ~Green Eyed Devil~

    My goodness, Teepi..ya'll have been busy. You'll reap the benefits once it's done though, I'm sure. It would be cool to have your own recording studio. You will really enjoy that I bet. How long do you think all this is gonna take you?
  3. ~Sam~

    ~Sam~ Cosmic Traveler

    Sa-Wheat !!! Looks like a good sized addition, Teepi. Just scrolled down ta see if'n you included inside dimensions... (glad I did and didn't ask a stupid question.)

    I might have made it out to Ohio last Monday when I broke this silly bone and wanted to walk away from the pain... might have made it too... if I could'a opened the front door.

    Looks like you're gonna have you some mighty fine digs there girl. Both of you ... dress warmly, and have lots of fun.

    Love Ya, Gal,

  4. Sus

    Sus Hip Forums Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Sounds wonderful Teepi...and it does look like a big project, but one very much worth taking on...many blessings to ya' girl, and keep up the good work!
  5. WE1

    WE1 Member

    I'll bet the ground around your home is covered with snow now just like my home in Virginia is this morning teepi. Have you decided on the location of the tennis court yet? ;)

  6. luvndrumn

    luvndrumn Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Weeeeell, that's what you've been up to. I thought Larry had won the Big Lotto and spirited you off to the land of brown, smiling faces.

    hmmm, if that's the recording studio, then where is the drum riser???!!!;)
  7. Ceres

    Ceres Member

    building/remodeling is sooooo much work! It can be a real burn out at times, but it really is worth it in the end. Just keep your eyes on the prize. Work safe!

  8. shameless_heifer

    shameless_heifer Super Moderator Super Moderator

    Teepi, The room is going to be awesome, and so much room. Your going to feel like The Queen of the Silver Dollar, when it's done.
    Building your house reminds me of when my hubby and me was clearing off some of his land to build a barn. We worked and pulled down briers and cut tress,built up a pad and started building. We framed and nailed on the tin roof, put up the sides and was done, I thought, well Lynn my hubby, didnt stop he kept right on building he built 3 rooms onto this barn/shop. It took us a couple of weeks working everyday on it. Lynn started to get this faraway look in his eye as we inspected our hard work. I could tell where this was headed. We had planed to build a house by the barn and live on this land someday. I told Lynn as he was eyeing his prize that no matter how many room he built on to that barn, that we weren't moving in there. Mind you, I was as hip as the next hippie, but dirt floors just weren't gonna get it. And I wasn't gonna use a potty made out of a five gallon bucket with a toilet seat glued to it. I had done all that, and even in the Haight we had floors and toilets..lol.. We never did build that house, cuz of an easement problem. But we did get an old farm house where we are now, and couldnt be happier. Brightest Blessing on your construction. I know you are just wigglin' inside. May your home be filled with laughter and joy all the days of your life sweet sister, Love and good wishes to you and Larry.. Blessed Be.
  9. homebudz

    homebudz Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hi Teepi,
    I'm so glad your back and doing good.You and Larry are doing a great job on your "slice of heaven".Nail bangin' on your own place is just awesome,and puts a ton of love into it.YeeeeHawwww,makes this ol phart feel good.Love ya's,
  10. teepi

    teepi living my dream

    OH thank you all for the sweet kind words and sentiments.

    I have no idea when it will be done as we got off to a late start and well the pic below I took today speaks for itself (WE1)....I too lived in Va. for years and remember Richmond getting usually a bit more snow than Norfolk.
    But now I'm making up for lost time.
    Forcast calls for 40-45' next tues and wed. we'll see (its the only job you can get paid to make guesses and be WRONG0)

    we're taking it all as it comes and not hurrying...our new motto "Time??....no thanks,we're not into it".

    here's what we couldn't work on today......


    So I made bread and painted Chickens.....;)

  11. luvndrumn

    luvndrumn Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Well hell, that'll definitely put a hitch in your git-a-long. Thank Creator for chickens!:)
    ~Is it me or does everything taste like chicken?~
  12. teepi

    teepi living my dream

    You taste like chicken???

    Oh well, we just a keep on throwin them logs in the stove.....and doing other heat producing activities...lol.
  13. luvndrumn

    luvndrumn Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    No, no, no, I meant.....

  14. poor_old_dad

    poor_old_dad Senior Member

    Sort of makes one re-think the phrase, "Finger lickin' good."

    Anyhow ............

    Yea, know what you mean about the cold. So far this year our temperature has gotten below 35(F) three times!!! BRRrrr .......

  15. teepi

    teepi living my dream

    Its 9 pm here on Sat right now and it is..20'....brrrr
    and it snowed more today and will get more tomorrow...
    So much for the 40+ I talked of earlier for the coming week.
    But I did get 3 more paintings done today...so its not all at a standstill.

    And I did make chicken last night...thighs.
    Marinaded in Italian salad dressing then rolled in parmesean cheese and baked...mmm
    With baked potatoes,salad and applesauce.
  16. Sus

    Sus Hip Forums Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Mmmm....Teepi, I know where I'm eating dinner tonight!!! (Smile!)

    It got cold here too, but without snow...this thin Southern blood just can't handle the cold anymore...in other words, I've turned into a first class WIMP!
  17. homebudz

    homebudz Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    We've had our share of cold weather too,,,,it really sux.About 3 daze of 18 degrees,Brrrrr.It takes the woodstove out in the shop several very cold hours to warm it up enough to work.I'll be glad when springtime gets here.
    Peace and love.
  18. teepi

    teepi living my dream

    Yeah its real hard to work around machinery when its cold.
    DH doesn't mind working on our truck when its nice but when its cold...let's just say there are some very choice words floating around in the air.

    right now 24 degrees.
    woke up at almost 5 am and checked the digital and it was 44 in the house and 3.6 outside.....I hopped right back into bed and stayed there till DH got that fire roaring....
    44 is very cold for in here it's usually at its lowest at 50....but the wind was blowing and we went to bed kind of early so the coals didn't last as long as usual.

    Sus...I'd love to have you over for dinner...anytime.
    And any of the rest of you who would like to come, I love to feed people.
  19. poor_old_dad

    poor_old_dad Senior Member

    "any of the rest of you who would like to come, I love to feed people."

    Dear Lady,

    Be careful what you ask for.

    In general, we've had too much warm winter weather.
    This month: 15 days with the high temp over 60, 7 days of over 70, the first two weeks the temp didn't go below 40.
    Now that may sound great, but consider, this county is very agricultural. The economy of the farmers around here is based largely on peachs. Without enough "chill hours" the trees won't set fruit. Or they'll try to start too early in the year, then get caught by a late cold snap. That is what happened a couple years ago. One of my neighbors has 40 acres of trees, didn't get ONE peach!!!! Not a good return for a year's work.

    One of the best parts of having a small farm/home in the counrty, is having plenty to do. Having a variety of things to do. If it's too cold/wet/hot/dark etc to work on outdoor projects, do some indoor projects. My definition of a small farm is: An industrial complex of cottage industries. But that's all just the opinion of this one old hippie.

    Ya'll hang in there and anticipate the satisfaction of completion.

  20. teepi

    teepi living my dream

    OH POD, your so right about having things to do.

    I could never be bored.

    And that is so sad about the peaches.
    I was not used to having different seasons till I moved up here.

    Well, we managed to dig out from the snow and get the walls up and started on the ceiling today...will have 3 days of warm (50-53) before the rain comes....
    Hope to get the roof on.


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