Teenage Suicide

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by 0oScarletBegoniaso0, May 31, 2006.

  1. Teenage Suicide

    I am just a no talent teen,
    Melancholy seeping from my spleen,
    So unhappy though you could never tell,
    Giving up my soul to sell.
    You push and shove in my echoing screams,
    Sacrificing all my dreams,
    I want to leave want to live,
    Give it all that I can give.
    Crying loudly praying to die,
    Why won’t you just let me fly?
    Buried under mountains of work,
    Dreaming of a nap of dirt,
    I want to cry want to die,
    Float my way up to the sky,
    Let me go let me leave,
    So my last breath I may heave,
    Please just let me run away,
    Let me see the light of day,
    I want to live want to die,
    Want to scream want to fly.
    I beg you for freedom still,
    Or my soul you will kill,
    I am so lost though I feel found,
    Falling fast to the ground.
    Empty eyes that look within,
    Contemplating all my sin,
    Life leaves me and I’m not scared,
    Giving me what I never dared.
    I want to fly want to soar,
    Leave the body on the floor.
    I feel so weak though my soul so strong,
    Me forgetting all the wrong,
    Flying high above the earth,
    Basking in all its mirth.
    I feel so free feel so fun
    Sailing, sailing across the sun.
  2. stalk

    stalk Banned

    so just dream,
    the physical world can be a drag,
    go to sleep
    and know you're dreaming.
    Life'll be all good.
  3. mrsmorrison27

    mrsmorrison27 yoda piss

    i hate that word,, spleen, i dont know why. well, your poem didnt really speak to me, im not much for poems that rythm alot. but if that is whats in your heart, then its beautiful :)
  4. AlfredNewman

    AlfredNewman Member

    Well, why do u like jim morrison lemme ask you that

    If your not much into poetry then you obviously only like jim morrisonbecause its the cool thing to do- because jim morrison was one of the greatest poets ever.
  5. I love Jim Morrison matter of fact, his ability to seem that he's a child in an adults body, that for the first time he's seeing these things and that this expeirience is brand new. This skill is so interesting to study in his work, very inspiring for me.
  6. mrsmorrison27

    mrsmorrison27 yoda piss

    no i love poetry, its on of my loves. i am jsut not much for poems that rythm alot. he is a great inspiration to me, and if you will notice his are kind of like collective thoughts, not rythmin stuff much. her poem was good, just not my taste is all. read the damn posts before u jump to comclusions.
  7. randomrules

    randomrules Member


    One of the greatest poets ever?

    I don't really agree with that myself.

    He's good, and I love the doors, but alot of his stuff really doesn't have that much weight.
  8. SLammon420

    SLammon420 Senior Member

  9. mrsmorrison27

    mrsmorrison27 yoda piss

    he was amazing, but i dont think he was the greatest ever thats saying alot and there were tons more ppl way more talented
  10. zerokool280

    zerokool280 Member

    yeah morrison was 1 of the greatest poets.
  11. neohippie101

    neohippie101 Member

    i agree that spleen was akward but i didnt think the rest was bad, the rhymes seemed kind of forced at times but overrall i like it
  12. mrsmorrison27

    mrsmorrison27 yoda piss

    finally someoneseems to agree with me in this damn place that i adore so much ;)

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