Tears stopped by my drug

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by **pinchy**, Jan 27, 2005.

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    Will my tears ever dry up?

    When Im done crying will I have any more tears left?

    At the moment my tears are like a waterfall

    It runs heavy, deep, wild, thick, cold nonstop.

    Tissues, towels and rags cant hold it.

    Not even the heat of the sun can stop it.

    Only the touch of his hands can stop my tears.

    He’s my drug, he’s what Im addicted to.

    His touch.

    His lips.

    The gaze of his eyes.

    And most of all the touch his hands.

    They gets my high.

    I cant live without it.

    This drug is strong, hypnotizing, sweet, sharp, and overripe.

    This drug is my husband.

    This drug is my addiction.

    Your are my husband.

    You’re my heart.

    I WILL LOVE you till the day we part.
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    I loved this poem. I can relate with my boyfriend...

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