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    This site is a new vehicle for people to get together as a team and go beyond the current poltical system. Why should we accept the ignorance of the system when we can clearly see that it is wrong. This is not about ideology or beliefs but it is about taking power out of the hands of the ignorant and making it our responsibility to put some wisdom back into the world before it is to late.

    Here is a letter from TeamHumanity:

    To view an HTML version of this email, please select this link -


    An Open Letter to all people: PLEASE take a few minutes to read it.

    This planet has taken ‘millions of years’ to achieve environmental balance and harmony between all life forms that co-exist on it, yet in only the past 100 years of human industrialization, we have managed to introduce levels of pollution and CO2 toxicity that the Earth just can not handle. It’s icecaps have begun to melt. We are destroying its rainforests and exploiting the planet’s natural resources beyond its ability to cope. Humanity may have risen to the top of the food chain, yet such actions clearly lack any sense of wisdom or intelligence.

    For the past 30 years, scientists have been warning us about the effects of environmental destruction and still there has been no significant action by the world community. The Kyoto Protocol is so far the best attempt. However, some countries like the US, responsible for the largest levels of CO2 pollution in the world, still refuse to make the necessary commitment to join the rest of the world in an effort to help secure our future.

    Countries that continue to always put their own financial interests first regardless of the consequences, put everyone's lives at risk. Government economic balance and accountability is one thing, but such aggressive financial pursuit of money at the expense of the world’s environment and resources is a clear sign that some people have lost all sense of reality. You have to know when to draw the line. And when you start to destroy the very thing that sustains the lives of millions of species including ourselves, you have crossed the line of reason and common sense into madness.

    Global problems require global solutions. They require serious teamwork.

    Even though the Kyoto Protocol has now been ratified, without the support of the United States government, it is still projected to fall far short of achieving the necessary targets that are required to reverse the deteriorating environmental situation...and time is running out!

    Today, countries need to start cooperating and working together for the 'good of everyone', instead of foolishly competing AGAINST each other. So to achieve this, a new global organization is being established called TEAMHumanity. Its sole purpose will be to introduce some common sense wisdom and unity into the world, so that together, we can address the world's problems instead of just hoping that one day something may be done.

    If government leaders lack the wisdom, determination or integrity to make the necessary changes, then we the people, must take up the challenge ourselves. The world can no longer afford to wait for governments to come to their senses or for financially interested corporations to develop an ethical conscience.

    If you truly care about helping to improve the state of the world, then your support is needed to make this change happen. Together…working as one people for the good of all, we can change our world and protect our future.

    Join TEAMHumanity and show your support for world cooperation today.

    STEP 1. JOIN TEAMHumanity

    STEP 2. Forward this Email to EVERYONE you know. If we all forward this email on, based on a simple principle of 'exponential mathematics', we can circulate this vision to the REST OF THE WORLD in less than 32 mailings! See the following link.

    Four steps to success -


    TEAMHumanity -
    Competition vs Cooperation -
    The Kyoto Protocol -


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