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  1. *Doormouse

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    I make under 3k a year, do i need to evenfile? i am claimed asa dependant
    also will I get all the cash withheld? thanks
  2. wtf..? are you saying 3k as EXTRA or alltogether? whoa..
  3. *Doormouse

    *Doormouse Member

  4. *Doormouse

    *Doormouse Member

    i earn only 3k b/c I am a student
  5. sugrmag

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    you don't need to file if you earn less than $7800-single, $15,600-married jointly, $3,050-married filing seperately, or $10,050-head of household.

    If your gross income was $3,050 or more, you cannot be claimed as a dependant unless you are under age 19 or a student under age 24.

    If you ARE claimed as a dependant, you MUST file if:
    1. your unearned income is over $750,
    2. your earned income was over $4,750
    3. your gross income was more than the larger of $750 or your earned income (up to $4500) plus $250.
    If you do decide to file, you won't be able to take your full standard deduction, and a whole lotta other restrictions can come up. You need to talk to the person who is claiming you because you filing may screw up their return.
  6. *Doormouse

    *Doormouse Member

    WOW! Thanks sugrmag! wow, someone actually knew something! thanks again

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