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Discussion in 'UK Music Forum' started by chickabean, May 28, 2004.

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    tankus are a south london based alternative space rock and progressive rock band...that errm are very noisy but very very good! i am biased i know, but still...if you havent heard any of their stuff i think you can listen to 'oh howling tree' on their website www.tankus.tk

    to here about gigs and stuff they have an msn group www.tankusgroup.tk that you can join...their next confirmed gig is at my fashion show on the 10th september so you have got to all come!! tankus will be writing music specifically for the show, which should be ....interesting ;)

    also, they have an album now which you can get your hands on for £2.50...bargain!

    haha, sorry this is such a plug thread, but its worth it really...

    love luchi xx
  2. Claire

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    Tankus the Henge! Legend!


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