talkin dirty?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by autumn_jewels, May 13, 2004.

  1. autumn_jewels

    autumn_jewels Member

    hmm well im single atm so doesnt really count but am gonna ask anyways....

    talking experience of it and i dunno what to say...last yr wiv my ex we was foolin about on floor in the livin room hehe an he was ticklin me an i said summit, cant remember, about him bein a very bad boy an he was like 'oh yeah, what ya gonna do then' an well i was stumped for words an felt like a twat... to save me from feeling like a nob again, help me out here ladies an lasses...


    (oh for both sexes coz i bi :)) cheers:-D

    moi x
  2. Acid_Rain

    Acid_Rain Member

    i can't talk dirty it makes me laugh:p
  3. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    Talk about where its being put, use the F word, and call em sluts.
  4. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    lol talkin dirty makes me laugh tooI think the only non funny dirty talk is what you wanna do to that person, like "I wanna kiss you in paris, make love in a train across the country" (-madonna lol)

    lol yeah just suggest dirty things you want to do......?
  5. Wicked Eyes

    Wicked Eyes Banned

    I love talking dirty... if you are in the right mood and the fucking is nasty... the right angle, the right juices, etc... I'll definetely talk dirty...

    laugh if you want but I'd call your pussy a beautiful little fuck hole :)
  6. Sailor

    Sailor Member

    I don't think that there's a formula for what exactly to say... I think it depends on who you are, and who you're with. Let's say a girl said something dirty to me and i got turned on by it. If you said the same thing to a guy, there's no guarantee that he'll get aroused, 'cause we're all different.
    Personally I tend to get turned on by simple phrases such as: "Fuck me!", "take me from behind" (pardon my French), "I want you to come inside me/on my breasts" or "I want you inside me...". Personally I'm NOT into the hardcore sentences including words like "meathole", "Fuckhole" or any other gross words for the sexual organs : ) I think that what really turns me on is the tone in her voice.., letting me know that whatever it is she want's from me, she REALLY want's it.
    The best thing you can do is to ask him (preferably while not having sex) what kinda words turn him on. Good luck talking dirty:cool: !
  7. GreenMan

    GreenMan Member

    I totally agree with you!!

    I love talking dirty to my Lover. I've only just recently started doing this, but she loves it!!! She starts to breath harder and faster - taking deep breaths, and rubbing hard against me when I tell her exactly what I want to do to her.

    It's incredible, and when she tells me the nasty things she wants to do me - well I just feel like I'm melting in her mouth. It is harmless and sweet, and we don't get gross or insulting - that's not the purpose of it.

    Give it a try - see how your better half responds. I bet it'll be a thumbs up! Oh yeah - cracking-up laughing when doing it does sort of blow the mood - entirely, so that urge has to be conquered first in order to get the fantastic pay-back it can produce, when properly done. LOL!!!

    If a woman can do it properly, she can expect to get good & fucked! Men just love to think they are in the sack with a real sweet & nasty girl - who really desires them so much that they aren't shy about telling them their desires.
  8. Sativagirl

    Sativagirl Member

  9. SAS

    SAS Member

    i love talking dirty, too: )

    hey, everyone, i am a newbie here. thanks

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