Tales From A Passing Cloud

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by *peace*child*, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. *peace*child*

    *peace*child* Member

    I see you all from here!
    Tiny ants, scurrying around
    in a chaos of your own creation.
    Each one too busy
    for the beauty
    in the world.

    I see great mountains,
    wearing snow hats,
    tipped to greet
    their friend the sky.

    Deep oceans,
    dressed in green,
    garnished with silver
    shoaling fish, and
    rippling waves,
    like horses running home.

    I see Mother Earth
    who binds us fast
    in a whirl
    of fields and forests.

    But you, little ants,
    tear down forests
    and pollute seas.
    The sky is darkened
    and the stars dim
    to your touch.

    While we, the clouds,
    created to refresh the
    world, pass by,
    shedding our tears
    in a scalding cascade
    of bitter rain.

  2. sylvanlightning

    sylvanlightning Prismatic Essence

    sigh, these are beautiful and touching stanzas, thank you.
  3. standingdeer

    standingdeer Member

    I like it, thank you

  4. Burbot

    Burbot Dig my burdei

    good job...i wish i could write like this...

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