taking for ever to flower, any advise?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by JordanFry, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. JordanFry

    JordanFry Member

    hi, my plant has been in 12/12 for about 2 and 1/2 weeks, there are tons of little pistils but thet dont seem to be getting any bigger, my plant seems plenty healthy and grows each day, does any one have any advise? thanks.
  2. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    Patience my man. It takes 8-12 weeks to ripen, depending on the strain. After week 4 the growth kicks in.
  3. Naturalhi

    Naturalhi Great hairy ape

    Then about week 9-12 seems like watching paint dry, impatience has caused more crop failures than all other symptums together.
  4. Just as the guys above said. patience IS the key. Give it time man, and try not to check em 3 or 4 times a day like me otherwise you'll never notice any difference in growth.

    Annoying i know but well and trully worth the wait.
    Look at some grow diaries of people using a similar set up to yourself and use it as a guide.
    good luck
  5. Rocklobster

    Rocklobster Senior Member

    yep stick with it. once it gets going your see. Its early days in some strains your just of sex them out. If ya grown from seed I've found the quicker you can sex the plant shorter the bloom time. 4got wat you feedin plants on?

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