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  1. T-Girls, transsexuals, she-males, whatever you want to call them. They exist. That is fact.

    There are guys (and girls) in ample number that are attracted to such human beings. In your eyes are they considered gay or not?

    Some say, "well it used to be a guy so it's still gay", others say, " it's not a guy anymore", and then there are the undecided.

    I'm wondering what everyone's opinion is on this issue.

    p.s. don't try any of that basic psychology shite on me. Aced that course at several different places.
  2. gertie

    gertie Senior Member

    forget about labels. just love and let love.
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  3. Disarm

    Disarm Member

    Wondering what you meant about the psych comment.

    There are different types of transsexuals-

    There are transgender people who see themselves as a woman trapped in a man's body or vice versa. They dress like the gender they feel they are, and most get operations in order to become the gender they feel they are. That's transsexual to most people. To me transgendered people are only gay if they feel that they are the gender they're attracted to. If I became a man because I always thought I was a man, and was attracted to men, regardless of the fact I WAS a woman, I'd consider myself gay.

    BUT if I became a man yet always considered myself a woman, and was attracted to men, I wouldn't see myself as gay because I believe I am a woman.

    It's all about mindset. (Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not saying theres anything wrong with gays or the way they think) Gays can't MAKE themselves attracted to the opposite sex, they know they're gay, it's in their head and their body and for better or for worse it's not going anywhere, that's just who they are (Just like heterosexuals). Transgendered people can't MAKE themselves male or female, it's in their head and its what they know and feel, their body just doesn't match up to this feeling. It's not some freak who wanted to become a woman/man, it's a normal person who feels they ARE a man/woman and don't feel right being the other sex. It takes patience and empathy and love to understand transgendered people, and nearly (I'm not going to say all of them because I don't know), nearly all transsexuals, people who go through operations and drugs to become the other sex, are transgendered.

    If a man was not transgender and became a woman, and a guy slept with 'her', to me it isn't gay on the man's part but gay on the woman's. The guy is attracted to the opposite sex still. The transsexual is attracted to the same sex. If the guy knew about the op, maybe he's kinky, maybe he's bi, maybe it's just a turn on, it's a case to case scenario. Personally I think it is kinda sexy for some reason lol.
  4. I am a hetero man and I love "T-girls". My friend Jessica has grown the nicest set of tits you ever saw. I count two as very close friends and would have hit on Jessica the first time i saw her if my buddy hadnt known her and let me know what was up with her.in my experience most of them prefer to be known as she and most do not prefer to be called gay. im sure that there are many different opinions on the matter.
  5. Snowdancer

    Snowdancer Member

    A transsexual could fulfill this desire, possibly for either gender. I have heard that we are born bisexual & through life we unlearn hetero or gay tendencies as we learn the other that we practice mostly. With that assumption, no matter if you are male hetero, male gay, female hetero, or female lesbian you still could have a dormant attraction for either males or females. When you see someone that is somewhere between gender they also are in a way both genders. Therefore are "safe" no mater where you fall on the bell curve of attraction.

    That is just a theory I have come to, some from experience some just because it makes sense to me. This is just my theory only anecdotal evidence. The born bi part I have gotten from multiple what seem to me to be respectable sources but the rest is completely theory.

    Now that I have said that. I also feel that a transsexual has always been the gender that they finally adopt. i.e. I met a wonderful young man a little while ago. He is completely male from everything I can tell about him. He was born biologically female but through medical help his body has now caught up with his spirit. For what it's worth he's gay, attracted to men but we may see each other once in a while even though I am genderqueer.

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  6. apple seed

    apple seed Member

    love is love. love of oneself is sometimes the hardest and that is what needs to be given first. and if being a trans makes them love themselfs then so be it. it is not our place to juge. live and let live.

    love and blessings apple seed
  7. autumn_jewels

    autumn_jewels Member

    my ex who im still kinda seeing is f-m pre op trans. before he told me i fancied 'her' as my mate who id known for a couple of years. now i love him....as a person. i dont think it would matter what body he was in because it is the soul that is what i am in love with. he defines as straight coz although gender wise the relationship is gay, sexuality wise its straight coz he is a guy fancying a girl. i define as bi/confused/havent got a clue personally:)
  8. SelfControl

    SelfControl Boned.

    Basically, if a guy is physically attracted to someone who looks like a woman, I'd say he's not gay. To be honest, even if you know it's a guy but still fancy him while dressed as a woman that doesn't prove anything.

    I personally am not a firm believer in fluid sexuality. While it's a nice idea, it does seem like sexuality is naturally more polarised than that. But when it comes to people who are of both genders... I dunno, a lot of people would argue that they're not attractive to either sex. I can honestly say that it wouldn't matter how nice a cock someone had, if they had tits as well I just flat out wouldn't be interested. So there.
  9. Amanda N

    Amanda N Member

  10. Disarm

    Disarm Member

    Scientific investigations show gay peoples ways of thinking are actually different, the way they think, which of course is obvious- they're attracted to the same sex not opposite so logically they must think differently somewhere- this can be from birth and apparently you can slowly change. There is no proof of either being born like it or becoming gay- both are conjecture- all they know is the end result. But it is an internal thing, you can't choose the way you think and your brain won't 'learn' to be attracted to certain things over others through the environment. The environment doesn't touch brain function, just like it can't change the way our muscles work or the way our joints connect.

    Unless you're thinking about very extreme circumstances, like you could couple an arousing stimulus with gay stimuli such as an attractive member of the same sex. Eventually it would make you automatically PHYSICALLY (ie not mentally or emotionally, you won't think "what a great body I want him") become aroused when seeing an attractive member of the same sex. This is behaviourism though dude, it doesn't touch the way you think and by no means can you learn or unlearn to be gay as a child.
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  11. Snowdancer

    Snowdancer Member

    Sounds good but how about learning or unlearning being bi? The theory I read & put forth above was that we all start bi & through such thngs as positive reinforcement in whatever direction we "become" hetero or same sex. There is evidence that our brains adapt to whatever is common to it. If for example you do a lot of mathematic functions on a regular basis the parts of your brain that do mathematical functions become the strongest. Couldn't it do the same with continual exposure to whatever flavor of sex you practice?
  12. It's all the same really.

    Enquiring minds just wanted to know.

    Whether you agree or disagree, the fact is there is a lot more shit going on in the world right now that is more important than who's fuckin' who.

    Ya dig?
  13. Disarm

    Disarm Member

    Thats exactly what I was saying was wrong!! You can't learn or unlearn who you're attracted to. It's natural, you're born with it. You aren't born attracted to everyone and then through process of elimination decide your sexuality.

    Of course your sexuality can be reinforced, making you feel more positive or negative about your attraction (so if its positive you'll express your sexuality more, but you can't change who you're attracted to). It's like if I was naturally good at baseball. Practising baseball would reinforce my natural ability. However if I was forced to play basketball and became good at it, it wouldn't change my natural ability for baseball!! You can't change what's etched in stone, its all to do with your hormones and what's released and we can't consciously control that.

    According to your theory, I'll use my sister as an example-
    My sister is one of 4 kids. She went to the same school as 500 other kids. She grew up alongside me, so with the same people, the same authority figures.. So at school, at home and socially she was treated exactly the same as every other kid, be it her sister or her classmates. She is now flamboyantly gay. According to your theory, this means that all of her siblings should be gay, as should, to a slightly lesser extent, the 500 people at her school because we were all treated the same, and so had the same reinforcers.

    Noone else who grew up with us has come out. Think about the implications of this theory dude, it's like when people say "if gay couples have kids the kids will be gay". Most people think that believing that is totally stupid and ignorant, you just said it.
  14. SkeeterVT

    SkeeterVT Member

    Sorry, but as a bi man, I can't agree with your statement on the fluidity of sexuality. Most bi people of my generation came out bi after years of previously being straight. I came out bi from the other direction, so in my case, I came out twice.

    I'm living proof that sexuality is indeed fluid. It's probably even more so for younger bi people today who are coming out bi from the get-go and are fiercely resisting being pigeonholed by straights and gays alike into taking on one sexual identity or the other.

    -- Skeeter
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