Syria Declares Cyber-War on NY Times and Twitter

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by skip, Aug 27, 2013.

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    The first blow has been struck in the new War on Syria, by the Syrian Electronic Army. That group has taken down both the New York Times and Twitter!

    As of this moment the NYTimes is still down and Twitter is operating in a text only mode, apparently.

    The group claims they managed to steal the domain registration from Twitter!

    This isn't the first attack by the Syrian Electronic Army. They've attacked US websites before when the US said it would send weapons to the rebels opposed to Bashar Assads rule.

    So you have to give Syria credit for striking the first blow of what is likely to become a major military exercise by the US.
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    bery interestink
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  4. skitzo child

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    No not twitter
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  6. Spectacles

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    I got that same message early this morning.

    I don't twitter so I would not know about that.
  7. 3407LOVE

    3407LOVE Member

    is Syria a member of Reagan's Axis of Evil ?
    pay no attention to the grey alien behind the Iron Curtain ...
    Is Syria part of the Satanic Sirius/Pleiadian invasion of earth ?
    Did Syria buy their chemical weapons from Monsantos or Union Carbide
    OH I forgot I made Saran Gas once in the laundry machine mixing bleach and ammonium to fade my jeans ....... MAN I AM COOL !

    Is Syria like Libya not having a RedShield Banking System.?
    Will little brat China and Mother Russia have sex at the Bates Motel if
    Uncle Scam, the UN, the world Police, the world bank and Playboy Magazine
    whip Syria with a wet noodle ?

    If Syria says screw this and incites Israel to use nukes
    and Iran cries "I'm taking all my OIL and going home to mommy".
    and Russia and china invade and shoot the Turkey will the goose that lays the golden egg still lay eggs on Wall St, or move to Dubai ?

    If Obama wore a burka and removed his lipstick and all cosmetics [and alice cooper panties] would Syria take him more Syriasly ?

    Why doesn't everybody just INVITE the American military over for dinner?
    Interbreeding would get em all eventually.

    Isnt Obama a Syrian ?
    He LOOKS Syrian.

    Pardon any hollyweird sarcasm I was looking for the
    "This is the same old snake oil salesman " thread.
  8. M2D

    M2D Member

    and now america is about to go to war with them.
  9. Anaximenes

    Anaximenes Senior Member

    Is this the majority of Syrians to go to war with, or over for that matter? The limited strategy of the war is to never be sure. What I personally would like to see is some kind of propaganda warfare in their country. No, no: that kind of debate for faith could have to do with the property issues of their society.:mickey:
  10. odonII

    odonII O

    The New York Times Web site was unavailable to readers on Tuesday afternoon after an online attack on the company’s domain name registrar. The attack also forced employees of The Times to take care in sending e-mails.

    Hunting for Syrian Hackers’ Chain of Command | THE NEW YORK TIMES
    How the Syrian Electronic Army Hacked the Onion | GITHUB
    How the Syrian Electronic Army Hacked the A.P. | QUARTZ
    The Syrian Electronic Army, a hacker collective that supports the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, is believed to have attacked the sites or social media accounts of several prominent media organizations.

    The hacking was just the latest of a major media organization, with The Financial Times and The Washington Post also having their operations disrupted within the last few months. It was also the second time this month that the Web site of The New York Times was unavailable for several hours.

    Marc Frons, chief information officer for The New York Times Company, issued a statement at 4:20 p.m. on Tuesday warning employees that the disruption — which appeared to be affecting the Web site well into the evening — was “the result of a malicious external attack.” He advised employees to “be careful when sending e-mail communications until this situation is resolved.”

    In an interview, Mr. Frons said the attack was carried out by a group known as “the Syrian Electronic Army, or someone trying very hard to be them.” The group attacked the company’s domain name registrar, Melbourne IT. The Web site first went down after 3 p.m.; once service was restored, the hackers quickly disrupted the site again. Shortly after 6 p.m., Mr. Frons said that “we believe that we are on the road to fixing the problem.”

    The Syrian Electronic Army is a group of hackers who support President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. Matt Johansen, head of the Threat Research Center at White Hat Security, posted on Twitter that he was directed to a Syrian Web domain when he tried to view The Times’s Web site.

    Until now, The Times has been spared from being hacked by the S.E.A., but on Aug. 15, the group attacked The Washington Post’s Web site through a third-party service provided by a company called Outbrain. At the time, the S.E.A. also tried to hack CNN.

    Just a day earlier, The Times’s Web site was down for several hours. The Times cited technical problems and said there was no indication the site had been hacked.

    The S.E.A. first emerged in May 2011, during the first Syrian uprisings, when it started attacking a wide array of media outlets and nonprofits and spamming popular Facebook pages like President Obama’s and Oprah Winfrey’s with pro-Assad comments. Their goal, they said, was to offer a pro-government counternarrative to media coverage of Syria.

    The group, which also disrupted The Financial Times in May, has consistently denied ties to the government and has said it does not target Syrian dissidents, but security researchers and Syrian rebels say they are not convinced. They say the group is the outward-facing campaign of a much quieter surveillance campaign focused on Syrian dissidents and are quick to point out that Mr. Assad once referred to the S.E.A. as “a real army in a virtual reality.”

    In a post on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, the S.E.A. also said it had hacked the administrative contact information for Twitter’s domain name registry records. According to, the S.E.A. was listed on the entries for Twitter’s administrative name, technical name and e-mail address.

    Twitter said that at 4:49 p.m., the domain name records for one image server,, were modified, affecting the viewing of images and photos for some users. By 6:29 p.m. the company said, it had regained control, although as of early evening, some users were still reporting problems receiving images.

    The social networking company, based in San Francisco, said no user information had been affected.

    Mr. Frons said the attacks on Twitter and The New York Times required significantly more skill than the string of S.E.A. attacks on media outlets earlier this year, when the group attacked Twitter accounts for dozens of outlets including The Associated Press. Those attacks caused the stock market to plunge after the group planted false tales of explosions at the White House.

    “In terms of the sophistication of the attack, this is a big deal,” Mr. Frons said. “It’s sort of like breaking into the local savings and loan versus breaking into Fort Knox. A domain registrar should have extremely tight security because they are holding the security to hundreds if not thousands of Web sites.”
  11. Anaximenes

    Anaximenes Senior Member

    “a real army in a virtual reality.” Back to my epicurean way: that sounds like John Travolta; " a wax museum with a pulse".
  12. DdC

    DdC Member

    All wars should be fought in cyberspace.
    World Peace or Whirled Peas...

    Syria, Got Ganja? "best available protection against nerve gas attack"
    Counter Reefer Maniac accusations that marijuana users support terrorism with the plain fact that these dizzy morons are preventing the use of the "best available protection against nerve gas attack" with their marijuana madness.

    Among its many properties cannabis provides considerable protection from a number of lethal nerve gas symptoms by defending the brain from injury and suppressing the the seizures, nausea and vomiting associated with chemical warfare agents.

    Ganja 4 Banned Nerve Gas Used on Yemeni Protesters

    Benefits of Marijuana: Acute radiation syndrome

  13. Anaximenes

    Anaximenes Senior Member

    If all wars were really understood by the context of Cyber, we'd have the direct access to the side we support. My wife cannot conceive of me fighting for acquiring a better status in the Capitalist system. That is represented by my mediating to bet on the stock market for the right company and the consideration of wealthy success of little compassion for other but the family needs for security and ongoing interests in interesting spending of money. Really my opinions are against this sort of life style.

    In fact access to the bias of socialism is the following I take up and review for the articles more often then not that I read. I can deceive myself this way that the opinions for cyber-warfare are in that direction, but truly this is only a past-time. An opinion has been raised to avoid involvement in Syria.

    However, I am confidently against the derived conclusion that Al-assad may be trusted in leadership of the country. In cyber-warfare there is no evaluation for the meaning of standing in defence of another's rights by merely expressing an opinion; one would have to decisively present the moral discussion and have a remorseless premiss for a new bias constantly referring to the possible withdrawal of arguments from the debate.

    Can we free ourselves from the train of logic? The consequence creates an edifice of wealthy or wealth acquiring projects blocking and protecting each one of us from the commitment to an opinion in the Ideal meaningful sense.

    Thus we just act to ultimately a bias of for or against a violent solution on the grounds of the wealth in the materialized situation.

    We are involved. We are not involved. Cruelty is the ironic course for socialism. It is the tradition indeed of the communist revolution. For that one still needs the un-musterred power of Two. Being for OR against oneself is not good enough.:2thumbsup::devil:
  14. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    Since Syria's government is a brutal state and the opposition is dominated by brutal rebels...
    Maybe we should sell chemical weapons and nuclear bombs to BOTH sides?

    While thousands die and millions suffer.
    Maybe there is some other way that doesn't involve ignoring those who suffer NOR helping people kill one another more effectively?
  15. MattyDigs

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    For the reading and research impaired - This group has no affiliation with the Syrian government. They are a rogue element who support Assad.
  16. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    Matty, sure we can do research, but whom do we believe when we find something posted online or some talking head on television tells us how things "really are"? Everyone seems to be putting a spin on things.

    If both government and rebels have blood on their hands, then why not simply provide food and shelter to the lucky souls who manage to escape that hellhole?
    In all this political stuff, we forget about the little guy who is just trying to stay alive one more day.
  17. MattyDigs

    MattyDigs Member

    Uhh well I don't know what you're on about, I' m just clarifying for people who skimmed through and may have missed that. It's something that I feel should have been made clear in the description.
  18. Anaximenes

    Anaximenes Senior Member

    I'd like to see what Al-assad is making out of all of this private in concern of the public communication. Now that the unspeakable has happened the unspeakable takes lead on the sod and mental privation for that sod in development. I haven't heard him present many major points of late at "his people".
  19. cjfc

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    don't really like twitter so thanks Syria but why attack the new york times ? what have they done wrong
  20. Anaximenes

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