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    What cha think of the knowledge inside?

    Q1: What does bible and snare have in common?

    A1: 5 letters the same in THIEF or WHOSE or SATAN.

    Q2: What then are pages in a bible (along with the very cover)?

    A2: Trap doors.

    Q3: The four winds are then what?

    A3: The turning of the bible's pages of four edges and four corner points.

    Q4: What powerfully might be the bible's it?

    A4: X! (meaning: doublecross beam target)

    Q5: What is the bible's 666 (or: Six hundred threescore and six) coordinance?

    A5: 6th date (MARK of TIME FOR MAN: Six), 6th day (NUMBER of NAME: Six), and Friday (NAME of NUMBER: Six).

    Symbolical implicator:

    LABYRINTH IV wisdom. Him IV Labyrinth WHOSE '6 IV' ('X') X! 6 manning LABYRINTH and His 6 8 X! warning (X) and 8 X!.

    ^^8 Implying: ETERNALIZATION of "ever and ever" or "with passaway beginning or end". Not like X, X! implying no longer warning, but HIT or RECTIFY. And with 8 rather be both HIT and HITTING on an ever and ever or both RECTIFY and RECTIFYING on an ever and ever. A warning is incorrect (as in an incorrect way to apprach getting things done) while a rectification is correct (as in a correct wise for getting things certainly complete). When you see the red words of Christ in certain bibles, such is as a warning concerning a rectification due which shall be standing of standings till finalization reguardless of knowledge, wisedom, and ignorance.

    "S" symbolizes circles completing (finalizing) or symbolizes "to be no longer sealing SATAN." And the "latter" unsealing SATAN is before X! (RECTIFICATION). Now you see the "Six" is implying turning "ix" into "X!" and turning "S" into "8" which dont hold SATAN (WHOSE DEVICE IS ANY THING IN THE FIRST PLACE).

    Far as dates go, you see Superstition's Fri 13 under Man's Fri 6 and Fri 30 over Fri 6. You also know 1+3 = IV. And you know 6 turns into 9 which is a same number of letters in LABYRINTH. Then lastly, you know 30 is the physical age of mine. And you know 3+0 = III which is a same number of letters in GOD. Then from the IV you realize I V since "SATAN" (or "WHOSE" or "THIEF") is V letters.


    ^^How fitting is the cowardly question mark? Since the answer is rather no answer, but just a following detailing statement reguardless any questioning.

    Further symbolics:

    10 (X) And their areWHOSE kings'': IV' ('8', finalization) are 6 (changeable labyrinth), and One is, and the WHOSE is knot yet IV; and IV He IV, He IV Labyrinth a short space.

    ^^Implying: IV aleviate correct during just before finalization against the Labyrinthbound coward.

    --Sign Related


    Trust (WHOSE) know IV.

    Calendar say Fri 6 (rather Mon 2)... Sat 7 (rather Sun 1) ... Sun 8 (rather Sat 31)... Mon 9 (rather Fri 30--hint: "for it is the number of a man" or "IV X! changeable labyrinth of man"--In other words, for 9 is 30 which is also the age of a man, but rather IV or 30, since 31 = IV? Both WHOSE number. Which is WHOSE number more, is the answer. Picture two horns where One is higher than the Other. One is a count number (IV which also implies I V which apart appear to be able to equal 6), One is a number man (30). Then know such man is already 30 than need a symbolical date for it extra, which means you get two of the more wanted in the place on the same course. Them 'bout 2 fill this!)

    ^^IV starting with 6 (changeable labyrinth) and ending with 9 (labyrinth)... Inbetween is 7 (luck) and 8 (finalization).

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