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    I just began to wonder about this, while reading another post in here...

    How exactly can there be symbolism in dreams? What I mean is...well, some people treat every single thing in dreams as a symbol for something. Im sure some events and visuals are, but...

    Meh, I dunno.

    All im asking is: How exactly can you connect something in a dream to a set, defined meaning?

    I think ive got a brain tumour, and its watering my intelligence down...Lol.
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    not all dreams are symbolic - there are common dreams, prophetic dreams, symbolic dreams, past life memories and astral projection/out of body is up to the interpreter to figure out which category a dream falls into

    if it is a symbolic dream, there are two types of symbols - personal and universal...on many occasions, it is how the symbols make the dreamer feel, what emotions and chords it strikes within them, that is more important than the universally symbolic meanings
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    By writing down the dream, then trying to find a connection to real world events, then verifying its meaning when the same type of event re-occurs in real life.
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    dreams have no connection to the real, it's just your brain getting stimulated, like the experiments they used to do to epileptics undergoing surgery, where the electic stimulation of a certain part of the brain causes the patient to 'feel like a coin is jumping on my hand'

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