Symbolical mind-blow on "human"

Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by War John, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Human is a symbolical term for:

    Hue and Tell (Remote )Controller and (Re-)(En-)Forcer in, through, and by, advertise(ing), work(ing), operate(ing), hustle(ing), produce(ing), and service(ing).

    ^That also means each is as so a state to exist as and as so a state for to activate as. The activities you behold in stand-by are for to have to proceed at any point(s) by activation or not at any point(s), and contract at any point(s) by de-activation or not at any point(s).

    The Hue and Tell starts with self-awareness and then even external awareness.

    Highlights toward advertise(ing) and hustle(ing) are like how a girl showcases characterization in what she might be like, and stirs "the" imagination in "the" amination in how she might do like, in the fetish and sex kinds of bed matters toward a mate (be it you or other boy or girl).

    A babe's advertisement can re-enforce how she is to get nutt all on her sexy face and then fucked from behind with it still all on and dripping down like that. You know me know. 110% like a C-note! Even the book of Daniel refers to these advertisements as dark sentences, which only any fierce (such as a true lifeforce) king-like person can stand up and understand, such as myself in this very example showcasing.

    Any one so much as any controller or any forcer is a true lifeforce rather than a false life.

    Any of you see this as so? If not, explain.

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