Discussion in 'Music' started by Crush, May 26, 2004.

  1. Crush

    Crush Member

    Does anyone know anything about sweetwater? They were the first band to preforme at Woodstock. I believe they brought out three LP's, but I havn't been able to track them. I also know of one cd called "cycles" but havn't been able to find that one either. Since I couldn't buy anything, I downloaded some stuff and I really like it so...

    If you know anything, please let me know.
    Thanx :)
  2. yeh i've heard of Sweetwater...there was a film made charting their career. Quite interesting stuff. I don't have anything myself, you should try amazon or ebay perhaps, or downloading off Kazaa.

    Good luck
  3. Crush

    Crush Member

    I've found some information about the video, but I havn't really searched to find it yet. I did found a lot on kazaa. If you let it search for some time. I've also been to 3 or 4 stores wich sell LP's, but not a single one had an LP. I suppose it's pretty rare. ;)
  4. newo

    newo Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    As the story goes they were a well-received band but they never had a big hit. When it seemed like they were on the verge of making it really big the lead singer was in a car accident which injured her vocal chords and the band broke up.
  5. happy

    happy Member

    wow. i posted something about sweetwater on the old forum.....their movie "sweetwater a true rock story" or something is on ebay all the time - they also have a website it's http://www.sweetwaterband.com

    i LOVE their rendition of "motherless child" it's one of my favorite songs of all time
  6. Crush

    Crush Member

    Their website is great. I'd already found it and got lots of information from it. I havn't seen the video yet, but I will be seeing it soon, I've heard lots of good things about it :)
    "Motherless child" is a great version, but I like "what's wrong" a lot too. I've got a version from woodstock and it's so cool they made the song 2.5 times as long :D Too bad it's so hard to find their music. I have been able to download some stuf though.
    I still find it kind of strange, it is a really good band, but it has been sort of forgotten. Not much people know about it, I believe it isn't on any of the woodstock CD's. I've looked at amazon and e-bay. I've found some LP's , most of them singles and the DVD, but I've also found two of the three LP albums. But they looked pretty old and not in a good state so... still looking
  7. CelticMuse

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    I remember seeing them in concert. The band released 3 albums.

    Just for You
    They were highly unusual back then because they used many forms of percussion,a cello, flute. instruments that while are common in this day were not your standard rock sound back then. I know the re-released cd's can be ordered thru Hastings Entertainment stores here in the USA. My favorite song is Crystal Spider. Hope this helps.
  8. CalJam

    CalJam Member

    I had spoke to Nanci Nevins a few years ago at a AA Annual musicians Picnic where she spoke, the remaining members still get together at times to play some dates. You should write her and express your feelings about her music. Peace In Music, CalJam..
  9. Crush

    Crush Member

    CAlJam, Thanx man! I will certainly do that. Hadn't thought of it yet, but I will contact them. I'v collected some more of their music and it's great. Totally love crystal spider and look out! Dude, you actually met Nanci Nevins That's amazing! Thanx for the tip!

    When did you see them in concert? You said they were unusual in "that" time. But I don't know what time you're talking about. I believe they've also given some concerts after the 60's so... oh yeah, I don't know your age so that makes it even harder :) I've searched for Hasting entertainment, but failed to find anything wich looked like an cd company

    Thanx all!
  10. CelticMuse

    CelticMuse Member

    Woodstock,wnet there with my cousins,it was great,made a lasting impression on my young mind
  11. Crush

    Crush Member

    Wow, you actually saw them on woodstock! That's awsome. I've found one song from them at woodstock: What's wrong. It's a really nice song. Over the weekend I going to try to find out if I can contact them, I'm positive they have a lot of information :p
  12. Flashback

    Flashback Member

    I think you can still buy the Sweetwater cd titled,Cycles,at Rhino Records website.Thats where I got my copy.
    ~peace thru music
  13. CalJam

    CalJam Member

    You'll find out when you write her or speak to her, Nanci is still one of the most heartfelt ladies from our era. She has been through so much and still has that extra love to give as before. Don't know if you saw her band bio movie on VH1, its an incredible story and I am sure you can still get it on tape. :) Peace In Music..

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