Sustainable Living 'Life Hacks'?

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by Vincent2012, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Vincent2012

    Vincent2012 Perpetual Smiler

    So, I've been doing a bunch of 'Stumbling' and Youtubing, and reading blogs and what not on things you can do in order to get away from commercial needs, to start living a sustainable life.

    Since I'm gearing up for a move out of the US, to Panama, where I intend to do my sustainable living, I'm writing down and prepping for some of these life hacks.

    What I have in store:::

    - Rocket Stoves/brick/clay ovens to get away from buying propane
    - Fabric scraps turned into toilet paper 'squares' (already have a small hoard)
    - Composting toilets
    - Oil lamps
    - Plenty of old bed sheets (thrift finds) for making basic tunics and drawstring pants
    - Plant pulp for paper making
    - Basic farming and canning
    - Animal husbandry

    What are some of the things you do to live a sustainable life?
  2. Vincent2012

    Vincent2012 Perpetual Smiler

    Picked up a couple hand powered Drills yesterday, great condition, and crank style instead of egg-beater style
  3. shawnvau1781

    shawnvau1781 Member

    Pannama might not be the best place to move to but good luck!
  4. Vincent2012

    Vincent2012 Perpetual Smiler

    I'm not interested in people's opinions as to where is best to live. I am looking for tips and tricks to use for sustainable/eco-living.

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