Suppressed Bisexual moving to a repressed town; what to do?

Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by Meghean, May 21, 2007.

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    I have always considered myself straight even during a threesome and a minor "interlude" with a friend of mine. It's easier to be straight then veer off to the edge. When I look at attractive women I tell myself that all women appreciate beauty, even when I occasionally fantasize about other women. However besides the minor experimentation as a teenager, I have been relatively straight. I like guys. They're weird and funny with mannerisms completely different from my own. They're hard and complicated and I find myself almost like a scientist, poking and probing in hopes to figure them out. Women are less complicated and not quite so funny but their comfortable and soft, sometimes too soft. After a couple of rocky straight relationships, I'm even more curious about this "quirk". However I have no idea what to do. I don't have any gay or bi-sexual friends and in a couple of months I'll be moving to a tiny conservative town in Iowa. I feel like my timing is way off. It may sound like a stupid question but how does one pursue a gay relationship with no prior gay or bi-sexual connections? How does someone start from scratch?
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    Sorry to say there is now 'how-to' for people to learn to be bi or gay (trust me, I wish their were). If you want to start meeting people there are always places to look.
    The internet has many regional chat rooms for the GLBT community. Collages, even in many super-conservative areas have groups you can meet people at.
    In many ways a gay relationship is no different the a straight one. However 'testing the waters', as it were, is a little harder as you can't (usualy) just look and know if someones straight or gay, unlike telling if its a chick or dood.
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    If i could have ur Myspace addy, i will send you the Organiztion against hate and discrinmination group in LA and that might be a start. and i agree. there is no place to start. you either do or don't. and yes, its okay to change your mind, but most do not. Most stay, gay or Bi.

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