Support Rosie O' Donnell's right to free speech

Discussion in 'TV' started by Angel_Headed_Hipster, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Angel_Headed_Hipster

    Angel_Headed_Hipster Senior Member

    Support Freedom of Speech!

    Agree or Disagree With Rosie O' Donnell, she has a right to speak her mind. The Neo-Con worshippers are calling for her Firing and even death, she has a right as an American citizen to speak her mind. If you want to support freedom of speech in America go Here and sign the petition.
  2. I think she has a right to use all the diet pills she can get her hands on!
  3. shaggie

    shaggie Senior Member

  4. Trix_Bunny

    Trix_Bunny Member

    I take it this is because of that show she was on and she started talking about the twin towers thing being a gouvernment conspiracy, that was just cringe worthy, I was blushing like mad with contact embarassment, "what I do know is that never in history has fire melted steel"..............*cringe*
  5. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    she drives me insane, but only because she's so obnoxious. Yes, she has the right to say whatever she feels, and that should be respected....but she does it in a way that is comletely condesending.
    Don't know if anyone knows, but she is leaving the View cuz her and ABC couldn't come to an agreement about her contract. i persoanlly think that if that;s ture, they offered her as low of a deal as they possibly could cuz they knew she would turn it down.
    Needless to say, I'm happy she's gone. When I was home with my duaghter I would watch that show all the time and when she started, it turned into a circus. Never mind the controversy, she just turned the show into the rosie o'donnell was painful to watch.
  6. RyJa

    RyJa Member

    I'll sign hers right after I sign Don Imus's
  7. Nalencer

    Nalencer Dig Yourself

    Never in history has a steel-framed skyscraper collapsed due to fire damage. There are instances where they have burned for days, but never collapsed. The World Trade Center collapsed in less than an hour.
  8. Alaskan

    Alaskan Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I began my dislike of her when she got on her soap box about hand guns, then we come to find of she travels with a armed bodygaurd. Two faced sow.
    Oh wait I think their may be a place for her in George W. Bush's inter circle..
  9. icedteapriestess

    icedteapriestess linguistic freak

    Wow... lol. I like the woman. She's funny, and she says what she thinks. Not saying she is always right... but who is? Also not saying I watch the View much, but what I have caught is more entertaining than it was before.

    If any of the View people are annoying its Elizabeth Hasselback.
  10. mbworkrelated

    mbworkrelated Banned

    Just a thought:
    Prob' wrong place for this - more than enough in ''America Attacks''. :rolleyes: [did they ever get anyone from Yale hahahaha ]

    I do not like her - but i suppose every point of view needs to be aired.
    All there ''views'' are a little vapid but meh i'm sure she could get another show.

    "Don't fear the 'terrorists'. They’re mothers and fathers."

    ''were the oldest democracy in the world'' ? ehh
  11. Nalencer

    Nalencer Dig Yourself

    I just post information where I see someone who needs it. I rarely ever go in the political forum anymore. Way too much bullshit.
  12. mbworkrelated

    mbworkrelated Banned

    Fair enough just could see the opportunity for this to be another place with large pictures of steel girders etc etc .- I was looking for some threads with all that stuff in. Seems it has been a bit slow on that one recently.
  13. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    totally agree with you here...rosie can be annoying, but elizabeth takes the torch for the "most annoying person on the show." she seems completely clueless about everything..."respect our president and don't question him, he knows what's best for all of us." arg!
  14. mbworkrelated

    mbworkrelated Banned

    Is she not just one voice of a average American - From what i have seen the variewd opinions of the women - reflect the opinions of the audience. Imho Rosie is just as daft in some of her opinions as Elizabeth - I'd wonder if their would be a petition to keep Elizabeth on the show. Has she [Elizabeth] not got the right to say whatever she wants ?.
  15. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    hey hey, i never said that she didn't have a right to be on the show or to say what she thinks. She deserves to be there as much as any other woman does. I just think she's annoying, if i may say so.
  16. mbworkrelated

    mbworkrelated Banned

    Sorry - i think that question should have been to the OP but i think i just baggaged all my thoughts and downloaded them onto you - so again sorry.
    With hindsight i can see that you were being far more reasonable than I. :&
  17. 420everyday

    420everyday Member

    I would NEVER support anything Rosie has to do with. IMO she's a loud mouth, annoying slob. She's a total mess. She doesn't know when to keep her big mouth shut.
  18. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    np :)
  19. Trix_Bunny

    Trix_Bunny Member

    Fair enough point, but thats not even kinda what she said, but then again maybe thats what she meant to say and she just came down with a sudden severe case of the stupids.
  20. mbworkrelated

    mbworkrelated Banned

    Rosie O'Donnel commenting about the Twin Towers collapsing during 9/11 remarked that ''it was the first time in history that fire had ever melted steel! Does anyone know of another method for melting steel?''

    I think she did say that - it is in one of the links.
    I think she was just parroting something that is said by a lot of people who think there is a alternative theory.

    Apparently she was talking about WTC 7 -

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