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Discussion in 'Astrology' started by ryupower, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. ryupower

    ryupower NO capcom included

    Do you think sun signs have been overrated by the media and other outlets? Do you find that they oversimplify friendship and relationship compatibility? What are your thoughts?
  2. DarkPisces93

    DarkPisces93 Guest

    Sun signs are not overrated. But the dumbed down flimsy paper cut out version that a flock of idiots did to spoon feed earth by using the world renown ''Star sign'' is false and overrated.

    People have put real astrology into the cookie cutter section of a toy store, by selling out to the cash cow using conveyor belt processed, corporate gut manipulation to get the average human to ponder.

    This is why astrology is highly doubted, because people grow up on their ''Sun sign'' saying that it is not like them because people have thrown a catchy little phrase that people want to hear to feed their hiding self-centered ego about who they are, ultimately getting everyone to treat astrology as mere speculation when there is literally multi-dimensions more to astrology then that.

    But the real sun sign is one of the most important factors to a person.
  3. yahoohippegm

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  4. I feel that there too much focus on Sun signs in mainstream astrology. I feel that some people's opinion is astrology is horribly skewed because of their limited experience with it. Usually their opinion of the subject is based off of gossip magazine horoscopes which mean absolutely nothing in determining your day or week. And for that reason I resent those who have exploited a respectable and ancient practice.
    Wow, went off on a rant. But I'm sure you know what my opinion is of the matter..
  5. Scorp4vr

    Scorp4vr Guest

    Sun Signs are very much overrated because most people equate horoscopes with serious astrology. Serious astrology is about so much more than a person's Sun Sign which only represents the core self. The Moon (emotions) and all the other planets as well as the ascendant sign, where the planets are located in the houses, the aspects between the planets, how the planets are distributed on the zodiac wheel, and so much more must all be considered when looking at someone's personality from an astrological standpoint.
  6. Alternative_Thinker

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    I wouldn't say it's overrated depending on certain sun sign combinations. Without saying which one, there's one sign that has never affected me negatively, ever. People often say the most compatible sign for my sign is a different one, even though this particular sign I'm talking about is still "one of the best matches". In fact, this sign to me is like a "comfort sign" of sorts where I can always count on it. One of my best friends is this sign, my girlfriend is this sign, the two famous figures who's influenced me the most, where my career is concerned, are both this sign. I also have many other good friends who are this sign as well. I feel safe around this sign for some reason. And it doesn't seem to matter what their moon signs are, or the planets or whatever. I don't feel this type of connection with any other sign.

    That's one person's experience with ONE particular sign, though. I'm sure it's less significant to some people.
  7. soratothamax

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    I personally feel sun signs are overrated because I'm one of those people who just couldn't relate to the femininity of my sun in Taurus. Sun only tells people part of the story, and people base compatibility on it. Venus in Aries REALLY helped answer my apparent struggle with feminism as a woman.

    But i do admit...Sun in taurus makes me boring, I relate. :/ But that also may have to do with my Sun trine saturn aspect...
  8. Driftwood Gypsy

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    i think sun signs are over emphasized, but still important. for example, i am a gemini, and so i am hyper, talkative, etc. but there's so much more to my chart, just as there's so much more to a person. my moon sign, my rising all have influences. in some ways i'd say personally i'm more influenced by my Capricorn moon.
  9. storch

    storch banned

    It may be overrated. Because of my chart, I was told that I have a tendency to be combative. I said to them, "Combative? Combative my ass! I'm not combative! You're combative if that's what you think. Call me combative one more time, and I'll show you combative . . . mother fucker!"

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