Summer Of Love - 50Th Anniversary - How Would You Celebrate?

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by Scorpio Kenny, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Scorpio Kenny

    Scorpio Kenny Church of the Good Earth - ArchBishop

    Summer of Love 50th Anniversary - How would you celebrate?

    1967 to 2017. This is the 50th Anniversary. All you need is Love. Hippies Unite! Is it time for a Love-in? A Happening? Another Human-Be-In ? What do you think? What do you feel?

    How about everybody here throw in some ideas and thoughts of what we should or could do. Here's a cool new place to do it.

    You're thoughts count. Say it.

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    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member

    Ah Memories:-
    Sadly, those which were close have drifted away on the breeze with many succumbed to the convention of society norm
    Being one of Mental Conviction of/and Conscience, I guess, makes one somewhat isolated and few people locally where interaction is practical.
    - so I guess celebration will be more low key .... although that doesn't necessarily mean it will be any less enjoyed
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  3. morrow

    morrow Free as a bird

    I would love to go to some great get together..But I think it's highly unlikely!

    But it doesn't mean we can't celebrate in our very own way!

    My friend and I will be wearing flowers in our hair, and some flowery top or skirt.. then playing music and getting drunk..We have decided!

    Can you imagine all those people getting together again! The wheelchairs and deckchairs would cause too many obstructions, too many emergency vehicles..The local hospitals would be chocker! And the police!!!

    I think flowers for the day, and music is a bit safe, but best..

    Also a black ribbon attached somewhere, in memory of all the people died in that war around that time!

    But it could still be a great celebration, just not so big..
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  4. Dental_Floss

    Dental_Floss Member

    Road tripping to Golden Gate Park!! Probably avoid Haight though I'm sure they'll be no need to wander down that way...

    Got to celebrate the Deads 50th with those guys at an outdoor event (well Bobby, Bill and Mickey) and I hope I don't have to head down to Golden Gate any sooner for a celebration of life... those guys and Phil are all pushing or already over 70
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  5. Scorpio Kenny

    Scorpio Kenny Church of the Good Earth - ArchBishop

    Yeah, but there really is a one day 50th free concert in Golden Gate Park. Just look it up.

  6. Scorpio Kenny

    Scorpio Kenny Church of the Good Earth - ArchBishop

    Love you guys!
  7. Scorpio Kenny

    Scorpio Kenny Church of the Good Earth - ArchBishop

    I'm going to party like there's no tomorrow.
  8. Scratched

    Scratched Member

    I wish I could be there for the show...that would be a good place for some Stoner/Doom bands to play, as well as others.

    Would love to drop some Acid and Hip it out!
  9. snowtiggernd

    snowtiggernd Member

    Spread the love.. don't need to go to San Francisco to do that.
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  10. Scorpio Kenny

    Scorpio Kenny Church of the Good Earth - ArchBishop

    Yes so true. But is would be a lot more fun to be in the middle of Golden Gate Park at a free concert. Look online for the deal and the date. And there's a new Dead concert the day before at Shoreline amphitheater in the East Bay. Wow!
  11. thismoment

    thismoment Member

    A few days ago, we saw Country Joe at celebration of 50th anniversary of Electric Music for Mind and Body. The second set was the entire album played straight through. The summer of Love exhibit at the de Young in SF was good. Went to a party in a hippie town in NorCal. Slept in the redwoods. A bowl here and a bowl there - Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies, Over Yonder (a very local strain). Rolled in a park and on Mt Tam. Watched the sun set over the Pacific. Yeah, a good 50 years on...

    I've seen conflicting accounts re the GG Summer of Love fest. May or may not happen.
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  12. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Super Moderator

    One already happened, near the Conservatory (Haight street end).
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    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member

    One only can dream that the summer spirit of '67 was annual, and not need a marked anniversary to reinvigorate the mind-set
  14. Ged

    Ged Actually my name is Ted. HipForums Supporter

    Just try to be a nicer, better person.
  15. newo

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