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Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by Airfern1313, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Airfern1313

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    I'm finishing up my freshman year in college as a CS major in may. Just wondering if you guys have any advice for a summer job. Thanks.
  2. DNCämþër

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    Data entry for a local insurance agency...
    Your local electronics chain...
  3. teh-horace

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    does your campus have a building where they do technology assistance and other computer related things, as well as being an administrative building where the accounting and budgeting offices are? if i'm correct in assuming that many of them are the same, there should also be a place where they back up the university's data, a computer server room. all the data from the budget of the university to professor's salaries to your student records.

    anyways, that's where i got a summer job and i wasn't even a CS major. of course, i'm just a student worker, but i guess i'd call it data tape management. that sounds good on a resume.

    when i first started it sounded like a lot of pressure. the whole university became a game i was playing and each day i'd come back was a checkpoint, and i'd save, and i'd have to swap "memory cards." haha. the job also comes with a lot of filing papers and separating printouts. i also grade scantron exams.

    in a way, i have a lot of power at my disposal, it's actually pretty crazy. i'd say i should get more than 7 an hour for it, but i do suppose at least half of the time i'm playing solitaire. it's a good job to have for the future; if you have a job with computers you're pretty good and somewhat secure. sometimes i wish i had majored in CS.

    okay, end of ramble.
  4. Just get anything near by. I like telephone jobs cus their easy, and pay allot. Warehouses are also good. I wouldn't focus on getting a job that pertains to your major especially if its just a summer job. I know during 4th quarter (summer) they still need students working in the libraries and stuff. I also just found out that you can sign up to take notes for a disabled person thats in a class your in, and the university will pay you seven dollars for every hour you take notes. So what I'm gonna do for next quarter is just bring my laptop and type my notes that way, so I can just send the person a copy.
  5. try checking out your local golf course to work on the gounds crew. You get in shape and a great tan. This is what I did and liked it so much I made a career out of it. Now 7 years later with a degree in turf I manage a golf course at a private country club :)
  6. mmg

    mmg fish out of water

    nice, that turf management sounds cool! i want to get into vineyard or greenhouse management...

    this summer maybe i'll get a job at wholefoods or on a farm...that would be awesome..or maybe ill just live in the woods...

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