Summer in a red mustang with cookies

Discussion in 'Beat and Hippie Books' started by Forget me not, May 22, 2007.

  1. Forget me not

    Forget me not Member

    I just ordered "Summer in a red mustang with cookies" from Does anyone know if it's any good?
    Peace and love to all on this site.
  2. Forget me not

    Forget me not Member

    Come on folks. Is this book well written? Is the story well developed? If you've read it what did you think?
  3. Who is it by? That is the greatest title ever!!!

    My summer is in a white mustang with special cookies!!!
  4. Scarlet101

    Scarlet101 Member

    I've never heard of it, but i think i might have to read it just because of that title!
  5. Forget me not

    Forget me not Member

    That sounds like such a cool summer! Hope you're having fun!

    I read the book a while wasn't that great.

    Peace & love brothers and sisters.

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