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    I've been eating vegetarian recently but the one thing that was bothering me was the frequent visits to the store, and that some of the food goes bad and i hate to waste it. So this trip I bought a bag of dried fruits thinking i won't have to worry about them going bad, but i just read the back of it: "dried peach, dried papaya, etc. CONTAINS SULFITES"

    "Great" I thought, why do they have to tamper with everything mother nature provides for us. I did a quick search in google and:

    I love dried fruits and wine (and they contain the most sulfites)... why do they have to contaminate even the most basic foods with Poison?

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    So its not actually an animal product or anything then? I got worried then!
    By the looks of the links you sent, it sounds like you have to either eat a lot or have an allergy for it to be a problem? I should be alright. I like dried fruit but I dont eat loads. And Ive never reacted to it...Doesnt sound too bad
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    sulfites occur naturally during fermintation. maybe thats what the label is refering to, not that they added any. so even your purest organic dreied fruit or wine is going to contain some sulfites.
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    Sulfites occur naturally in many foods. Can't be avoided.

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    but dried fruits can be treated with sulfur dioxide... it is a color retainer (and I always think, well, so is Carbon Monoxide..those garage corpses look full of high color).
    look for teh dark stuff and ask, ask ask.

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