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  1. This thing is in the process of getting there. I'd like to hear other people's opinions on what Else I should add to it. So far My ideas for improvement are to add some detail or shadow (With more black ink) to the center of the sun to give it some dimension/detail. So you get the impression that it's a sphere... Or a deeper value of redish/orange near the center blending towards the lightish orange on the edges.

    Then I'm thinking about making the lines leading into the grasp of the first shape into Lightning bolt/s.

    What Color's should I use for the flares of the sun? Just more orangish yellow related?

    To the Left of the fist shape I imagined the lines outlining the sideways profile of an angel. Or I was just going to fill the empty space with grey clouds and continue them over to the planet's side...

    Or what about the hand? I imagined Black as being symbolic of man's knocking off natures' balance...
  2. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    if you want something to appear spherical make it whiter near the middle and darker at the edges :)
  3. keep the sun rays black, but solid.

    the lightening bolts would be cool i think and maybe paint them silver... i dont know just a few suggestions:) good luck on the rest of it, show it to us when its done!
  4. Again the burntout excuse for a brain keep's putting this thing off for more important things.

    But now the clouds I was talking about are there, but only to the left of the hand. they be greyish blue tinted clounds... I'm thinking of phasing the clouds over to the right side, but graduating to a deeper purpleish space dust cloud color...

    Also I made the outside edge of the sun a deeper red blending into a deep deep redish brown and then a hint of black to match the outline...

    Next up: the lightinging bolt, I'm thinking angular bold lines, almost like detail on clean chisield lime stone.
  5. then theres also the task of figuring out how to post an updated pic without the convience of a digital camera.... lol so dont be expecting something anytime soon.
  6. icedteapriestess

    icedteapriestess linguistic freak

    I think it's awesome. The lines are really emotional and graphic. The blue and orange are well balanced, and were good choices to make the eye move around the work. Using a bamboo brush and ink to do the initial composition was great, the obviously different mediums causes more tension... the black and white vs. the colours is frought with tension.
  7. mazzy

    mazzy Member

    it may sound weird but purple is the complimentary color of yellow, and blue is the complimentary color of orange, so maybe if you took like a violet color for the flares of the sun, the orange and yellow would "pop" more, seem brighter, and if you left the violet color flat with no dimension, then the orange and yellow would have more depth to it...

    just some friendly color theory...hope it helps!

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