sudanese immigration and racism in newcastle

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Bernie, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    has everyone heard about this? i was down at the south coast for a week so i missed the whole thing wen it happened.

    a right-wing political group called the "concerned citizens collective" or the KKK has been dropping racist leaflets protesting against newcastles 400 strong and growing population of sudanese refuges. they organised a rally against the immigration in islington park on saturday. i only bought a paper on saturday so i dont know anything else about it... pretty fucked up though heaps of people i talk to have very negative attitudes towards the sudanese but this whole thing has turned everyone on each other.
  2. AannaSolo

    AannaSolo Member

    I am totally disgusted with that kind of racist attitude. Why would anyone have problems with the Sudanese, especially after all the horrors they have been through in their country. What do people say about the Sudanese? (I'm in Armidale) It makes me so sad that Australia has such a malevolent undercurrent of stranger hatred and a problem with anything different. It's all assimilate, assimilate, assimilate instead of respect and loving difference and diversity.

    That lamb advertisement that came out recently has got me cringing and embarressed. It turned up at the "Ifilm" site recently (humerous and interesting video clips from around the world) and I must say, I would die in the name of the Lord before I gave up my hippy, vegetarian and yes pot smoking ways. It takes the edge off my feelings of helplessness and horror at what happens around the world.

    Whew - I'm outraged!
  3. tis too bad that people are bing like that. Seems to me that we are richer for people that come from other countries and so it is annoying that racist people organise themselves in such a negative manner and get support, maybe someone needs to organise some form of welcome, support rally in response in your town? By the way it would be more like CCC than KKK which I think has a lot of shit stirring possibility, not that I recommend shit stirring as a response as this may make more trouble for the people involved, but really if someone is going to start naming themselves with acronyms they are really asking for it!!

  4. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    yeah as soon as they organised the anti rally there was an anti racists rally and a welcome refugees thing at the palais the same day

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