Such people try to keep you from springing forth awesomely...

Discussion in 'People' started by War John, Jun 28, 2013.

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    1. Moms could be a real unstable friend. Ever notice such the case in life? These types become a lost cause, correct? Moms be trippin,' man!

    2. Pops could be a real contradictive enemy. Ever notice the case in life? These types become a lost cause, correct? Pops be forgettin,' man!

    Both types can only make you to be rougher and tougher as a lifeforce, and so nay in way or wise like them. But it took them types to cast forth the alive births of some true, badass, three-horned RAM-GOD (or: GOAT-DEVIL), which is also known as BULL-GOD (or: SHIT-DEVIL).

    Your best poppa, and even grand poppa, can and will only be you, your best son, and even grand son, true boys. Your best momma, and even grand momma, can and will only be you, your best daughter, and even grand daughter, true girls. And these, so nay 1 and 2, can and will be father-figures and mother-figures toward each other and one another. And be like true uncles and true aunts toward whom is like true nephews and true nieces . But by image, each other, and one another, can and will be able to be these entires in members toward both sides (the boy side and girl side) of these 'flesh, and blood, and bone' families, whom by souls are classic siblings of many and classic cousins of some.


    You true boys can and will not have to meet Ms Special, and Ms Right, and Ms Opportunity; and Ms Good, and Ms Bad, and Ms Destiny, if moms and pops were there as stumbling blocks. And vice versa for you true girls toward true boys.

    Question: What is truely necessary?

    Answer: Forces & Controls (either or is as sheep and shepherd) with Shalls & Shells, to go and be as Forcers & Controllers (either or is as Enforcers and Remote Controllers) with 'Main, Core, and Contractable,' Garments & Characterizations.
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    Couldn't you just tell us what you had for breakfast or something?....No wait..Don't.
  3. Some parents can be like that, my mother is one of those i support everything you do mothers. I love my mommy

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