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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by J-dog, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. J-dog

    J-dog Member

    Ever been barefoot in a subway, if yes were your soles coal black afterwards and you could not wash the stain off? Also how was your experience?
  2. bkcmar

    bkcmar keep those feet bare

    Yes, I have been on all sorts of public transit vehicles barefoot. Yes, one's feet will pick up a great deal of dirt. It was really no big deal to me. I usually do not bother to wash my feet until I shower.
  3. enlightenment

    enlightenment Member

    Subways? Yes.

    I remember warm, smooth floors (but it was a hot summer's day anyway), some strange looks, not unfriendly though... And the blackest soles I ever had. I even saw another barefoot couple down there. (They didn't notice me.)

    Well, yes, it came off eventually. :) But in summer I rarely have those *clean* feet anyway, although I am not an all-time barefooter. Just on occasion...

  4. dude23

    dude23 Member

    I've been barefoot on the DC metro one time. On the upside, I did manage to get my soles nice and dirty. On the downside, I got a lot of angry and disapproving stares. People react as if I'm not wearing pants or something!
  5. seohsreven

    seohsreven Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I went barefoot on the Bay Area Mass Transit (BART) system nearly 20 years ago when I traveled to California. I think because the line was fairly new, it was pretty clean, as my soles were no dirtier afterward than they would have been from walking on the sidewalk.
  6. DirtySoles

    DirtySoles Member

    Went on the LA subway last night, Union station to Hollywood. Got some serious subway feet!
  7. yamark

    yamark Member

    I've been barefoot in the NYC subway a few times, and I have to say, my feet were never blacker. I think that's where my soles became stained.
  8. Barefooter73

    Barefooter73 Member

    I've done the London Underground several times - def the blackest and greasiest my feet have ever been.
  9. ganesha1967

    ganesha1967 barefoot bellybearer

    I am a regular commuter on the partly underground tram lines between Duisburg and Mülheim and found the tiled floors - although appearing clean - the best sources of that fine dust which will collect on my bare soles, leaving them soot-black. However, that comes off easily as soon as I walk over some grass on my way to and from work.

    As bkcmar wrote, I wash my feet automatically while showering, as well. Most of the dirt I pick up comes off then, but my soles still stay a darker brown than those of the typically shod people.

    Wiggling habitually bare and thus happy toes,

  10. Rugged_Soles

    Rugged_Soles Member

    The Toronto and Montreal subways are very good. Both blacken the soles with that fine urban dust. In Montreal I was spoken to by a transit cop who insisted I put on flips her english was limited. In Toronto no problems at all.
  11. Alexandra

    Alexandra Member

    I've gone barefoot on subway and buses, and let me tell ya, your feet need a hell of a scrubbing later :)

    It's not altogether unpleasant, at least on the less dirty stops and vehicles. Some places however... my flips come on in a flash. Especially at the sight of a gigantic cockroach (saw yesterday in a downtown subway stop).
  12. yamark

    yamark Member

    Maybe I'm crazy, but I like when the bottoms of my feet are dirty.
  13. I've been barefoot on the subway in Boston before. On one evening recently as I walked barefoot along the platform while waiting for the T a member of the transit hierarchy came along and asked me what I was doing. I decided it was better to take the fifth then to tell him I was trying to add a little color to my already black soles.:eek:
  14. bfjohn

    bfjohn Member

    I have often gone barefoot on the London underground (usually with bf friends) and it's always good fun and never a problem.
    And always good for black soles.
  15. bftEd

    bftEd Member

    I been barefoot on the Boston T several times. Lots of fun - no hassle from the T police - some disproving looks. Great black feet! I love them that way - so - no scrubbing required!
  16. ditto
  17. hillman30

    hillman30 Member

    I went barefoot in the NYC subway going both uptown then back and over to Brooklyn. My feet got filthy. It looked like I stepped in wet black paint. And it took a long while before they were relatively clean again.

    Nobody seemed to notice or care....except me. I loved it.
  18. charlie35

    charlie35 Member

    Went bf on the London underground a couple of times in the summer. I too had no probs at all. The mere fact of being barefoot always turns a boring activity into fun!
  19. Barefoot Guy

    Barefoot Guy Member

    I've gone barefoot many times on the NYC subway. Not only do your feet get black from the subway, but when I went to Coney Island they were already so filthy from the boardwalk, amusement areas, etc. the return trip just solidified the dirt. It was great!:cheers2:

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