Suboxone in NIDA 5 tests

Discussion in 'Drug Testing and Legal Issues' started by Tainted, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Tainted

    Tainted Member

    I'm going to be taking a drug test for a job... I assume it's going to be a lab test, following the NIDA 5. Does anyone have experience if suboxone shows up? I've read elsewhere that it won't show up, but I'm looking for more experiences. It's a semi-synthetic opiate, but I've read many places it won't show up...

    Don't reply if you don't have personal experience or legit sources/links.
  2. Stiney

    Stiney Member

    Suboxone won't show up on standard urinalysis, however in an advanced lab test they may test specifically for buprenorphine the main active ingredient.

    You can always contact Suboxone themselves if you want to hear it from the horses mouth.
    877-782-6966 or 877-SUBOXONE
  3. Shocbomb

    Shocbomb Member

    I have pissed fro frug test before with Methadone in me and Methadone is simular to suboxone so I am 90% sure you should be alright ?
  4. downdirty

    downdirty Member

    the little orangre pill you guys are talking about will not show up in your test.
    I've worked for a company that falls under the
    DOT eg. Department of Transportation regulations and suboxone will not show up in test.
  5. downdirty

    downdirty Member

    hope this will ease your mind. (smile) talk to you l8er

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