Struggling With My Sexulity?

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by KristinMarie, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. KristinMarie

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    So a little bit about me, raised by my gram till I was four, taken over by my mom and her husband abused both mentally, physically,by them both. Kicked out at sixteen for ruining her marriage. No contact from biodad in years. Always attracted to girls. When we played house as a kid I played the man because I had been always told it were wrong for two girls to be married/in love so in order to be married to a girl I had to be a man. My first kiss, was nine, we were playing mermaids, I of course was a man, but, shyly asked if I could be a girl. My friend had no problems with it, she kissed me(she came out last year). I was surprised, liked it, was red faced and giggly all day. Puberty hit, had the biggest crush on Emma Watson. Still do. And Leonardo Dicaprio. You see, what I'm trying to figure out for myself, is whether I'm bisexual or just stright up swing the other way.I do find men attractive, however, the thought of more then hand holding and conversating grosses me out. I find men attractive, but am not attracted to them sexually if that makes sense.Any advice is welcome:) Also, big girls, short hair? Yes or no:p Aaaand sorry for spelling mistakes, it's 1:40 am, I'm sitting here thinking about everything lol :)
  2. ZenKarma

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    Howdy and welcome to the forums, this is a good place to ask that question and get some opinions...

    Life is always interesting and filled with choices, that's what makes it fun!

    May be being Bi is the answer for you?
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  3. Truli

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    What came to me first is "How old are you?". I ask this because if you're young, then that explains the need to put a label on yourself... Be you. Abuse Does Not make you you. Only that you are a survivor, and a strong woman who deserves to have a loving relationship - whether it be with a woman or man. Just be good to yourself and stay away from people who are already in some sort of relationship. You are just asking for trouble. Cheaters cheat!!
  4. Noserider

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    Eh, most of us have at least one guy crush. Liking Leo DiCaprio isn't a big deal.

    As far as big girls with short hair--hey, that's my type! Not exactly sure what you're asking (or if you'll ever see this response) but I will go with "yes."
  5. Adamskiffle

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    Big difference between recognising that a guy is good looking & actually wanting to fuck him/suck him off this the type of confusion to which you are referring to?
  6. Eric!

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    It doesn't sound like "Bi" would be a choice for her, since she's not sexually attracted to both.
  7. SaltyDawg

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    We really can't tell you what you are even though everyone here is thinking that you probably are but also we all go though stages in our life as we mature experimenting with different lifestyles.
    The best thing to do is just do it and after a while you'll find your comfort level and figure out what works for you.
    We're all part of the grand design that our DNA dictates and it's up to us to discover our true identity.
    Deep down inside we all know the truth but for some reason, our body keeps fighting our mind and we end up with a cognitive dissonance feeling like something is wrong with us.
    Only you can set yourself free to live like you were designed to live.
    Go for it , follow your soul !
  8. wilsjane

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    What is it about this site that attracts people to post such involved stories and then never respond to the answers, or even log on again to read them.
    The sheer number of times that it happens really puzzles me.
  9. Eric!

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    I notice that too. Annoys the hell outta me. Post is just left on autopilot and shit!
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  10. Noserider

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    In fact, realized last night I am so in love with both Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. But its more maternal though.

    But Jaylen's a cutie. I can't help it.

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