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Discussion in 'Ask The Old Hippies' started by live&letlive, May 13, 2013.

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    I was born in a hardcore conservative family. My brother lives in Boulder Colorado, where I will be living next year. Although some conservative views have been imprinted on his brain from birth and he seems to stick to 'em, Boulder has brought out the best in him, influencing him to believe in some liberal perspectives. Both my parents look down on him and talk badly about his change of heart to the rest of our family and friends and even tell my brother that they are not going to financially support him anymore. They have no idea about my views. My brother does actually have a lot of conservative views, I however do not have any. I believe so strongly that Gays and Lesbians should have the freedom to wed. I believe that the government should be taking special care of our beautiful world and environment. I believe in Marijuana legalization and for more financial support of the homeless. If they knew this, they would take away everything. It's like I am going against my family. Lying to them, I feel terrible. They have noooo idea how much I smoke and I just wish they understood the beauty of it. I feel adopted... like I am not one of them. I had attended Catholic school for many years of my life, and there I felt like I did not fit in too. I was going to school every day with a building full of staunch republicans. I just feel so alone in my situation.
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    Regardless of your upbringing you shouldn't need to struggle to be a hippie... Just be yourself.
  3. I'm in a very similar position where my family believes one way and I (secretly) believe pretty much the exact opposite. I can't really give you advice because I can't even follow my own advice. I tell myself everyday to GET OUT of this hell hole, but everyday I shush my inner voice and continue to live this life of being controlled and unable to have my own public views. Stay strong.
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    I agree with TW. just be yourself. there aren't "talking points" or a set criteria. Just love yourself and try to love and respect your fellow human beings. Keep an open mind, every generation gets a bit more progressive than the last. Recently, my conservative father has admitted that his views on the current United States wars were wrong. What I'm getting at is there is hope for everyone to "outgrow" their backwards views.
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    In my day, this situation would call for moving far away. Lots of young people wanted to get away from their straight parents. By straight, I mean square. Why don't you move farther away than Boulder?
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    Pot's legal in Boulder...
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    I think it depends on how old you are, and why is your brother who is living alone, away from parents so worried about losing financial support? For that matter why do you?
    If you're over 18, you're an adult, if you're under 18 and living in your parents house, you need to respect them and their rules; but that doesn't mean you can't have your own opinions.

    You're never going to be surrounded by people who believe exactly as you do - and if you do, you'd find it extremely boring. :)

    Be yourself, and if you're an adult - stop worrying about your parents not providing for you, and go out and provide for yourself.

    ~ FlowerMama
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    I suggest that you always love and respect your parents and siblings. If we think we want to love and respect the Universe we should start where we are. Your parents' politics are up to them. Respect their views even if you don't have the same ones at the moment. Robin Williamson of the Incredible String Band said of the 'great man' - "opinions are his fingernails". Opinions change through experience. Next year the people around you who are Republicans may have become more liberal and you may even see some things from the point of view they have now. Unlikely, but possible. Politics is not what being a hippy is about. Love, peace respect and caring is what it is about. Jesus, Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda, etc and the true hippies promoted this philosophy - they were above mere politics.

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